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typical day in tax/audit internship

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    I was just wondering what a typical day would consist of during a summer internship in audit/tax? What tasks/projects do you get involved in?

    Not sure if the summer placement is much like first couple of months as a new grad student, but my experience a few weeks in has been a lot of photocopying, checking company invoices to see if they match up with their reported income/expenses, doing bits and pieces for the udit seniors and generally being the 'help', oh and using SAGE quite a bit. Not sure about tax tho tbh.

    first of all, i hope it is not for an internship application

    if it is, then here goes .... lol : all i did on my tax internship with kpmg was go to arrival/departure meetings to clients who were migrating elsewhere or were coming to the uk to work for a few months, shadowing partners in other divisions to get to know all areas of the firm, learning about the culture of the firm, retrieving data from HMRC to help complete tax returns for companies/individuals, using software such as Digita and Excel to run macros and get daily statistics for wotever it is ur doing, uploading data onto the firms online database for clients, and then theres the chilling sessions and pub which accounted for 80% of the time

    for audit, you go to client meetings and actually 'work'. i'd go for tax if i were you, out the office by 5.30pm, and u get more than audit as a grad if u get the grad offer.

    do your own application for deloitte.
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    Tax internship:
    - Writing 64-8's
    - Writing/revising letters
    - Photocopying/scanning
    - Revising tax comps
    - Basically learning to use AlphaTax
    - Some partner/manager shadowing.

    I dare you to use my exact wording in your application. They'll ask you what u know about AlphaTax, 64-8's, CT6000's etc and it'll go down even better if ur company doesn't use it. Read the company website for application content.

    Just trying to think who you are sul...


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