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Do you think you are more intelligent than your boyfriend/girlfriend?

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    Honestly, how do you think your own intelligence compares to that of your significant other? Do you think you are more intelligent, less intelligent, or roughly the same?

    Does this affect your relationship at all? Do you care?
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    We both have different strengths. For example she could write a hell of a lot better essays than I could, but my maths abilities are much better than hers. So it's hard to say either way.

    Can't you tell she frequents these forums from my post... haha.
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    Me and mine are pretty much the same level, but have different strengths.
    I am very logical, rational, and can argue and debate very well if I know my subject. I am also good with language and mathematics, although it does take me time to get things into my skull.
    He is good at current affairs and is academic- he can memorise things pretty easily. He's also a dab hand with computers...he is an IT consultant after all
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    im far smarter. no it makes no difference to the relationship.
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    No, no, no. My girlfriend is about a million times smarter than me. I got BBB at A-level, she got AAAA. She's just amazingly smart, and I'm an average student.

    I contribute to our relationship by telling jokes and being a big softy
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    I completely smash my boyfriend with maths, but I think that's about it

    I've got much better grades than him but I think as far as raw intelligence goes he still beats me by a lot. The difference is that he has absolutely zero work ethic, and mine's pretty fantastic. And also his general knowledge far outstrips mine too. But... I'm definitely better at maths. So I can comfort myself with that.

    Doesn't really make a difference with this relationship, but my ex was better at maths than me (oh, and everything else, he was a super genius) and to be honest it just got me better AS grades as I was so obsessed with equalling him. It really wasn't that healthy at all.
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    I'd say we're about the same, we're both off to study Medicine, me at Bristol, him at Oxford.
    But despite that I think he's more intelligent, his natural flair for the sciences is far superior to mine.
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    Nope, he is smarter than me
    I am still smart, but he is VERY smart.

    On the other hand, I think I am more creative than him... and obviously because we take different subjects I know more about Psychology, Biology and Geography

    I don't care that he is smarter, just glad he is smart. I don't get on well with stupid people lol! However, I often have no idea what he is talking about when he refers to actors or writers... I try to be interested, but find it hard to keep up sometimes.
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    Nope my girlfriend puts me to shame! while i have to struggle for everything my girlfriend never fails... at anything! although I am more confident and better in social situations and would rather have that than easy intellect.
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    I'm far more academic with a stronger work ethic and I often find myself correcting his grammar/english, but his general knowledge is far greater than mine and I certainly don't think he's stupid/unintelligent in ANY WAY. I don't think it causes problems, though I probably annoy him when I correct his grammar :oops:
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    Maybe she's letting me think I'm smarter
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    I am more intelligent than my girlfriend. Off the top of my head the only thing she does better than me is draw. I'd fail in anything related to art. But yeah i'd say i have a greater general knowledge, as well as more intelligent academically.

    Edit: I don't find her unintelligent, nor does it affect our relationship.
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    Intelligence-wise, I'd say we have the same ability. However, I work a lot harder than he does, meaning I got AAA and he ended up missing his KCL offer and ended up with BBC.
    It doesn't make any difference to our relationship, it's not like we sit and discuss it. Although it means he will be moving away and going to Kent Uni instead
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    Academically my girlfriend is more 'intelligent' than me (In her AS's she got AABC I got BCDD); we have a similar work ethic and, if push came to shove, I think I probably take education more seriously. I would say my general knowledge is slightly better, I would also say I can apply my brain slightly more effectively; I therefore do quite well in sciency subjects. She tends to be better at humanities subject's, where memory, a lot of the time, is more important.
    At the end of the day we've been going out with each other for a few years and it has never cropped up in conversation; Intelligence doesn't matter if it doesn't adversely effect your ability to talk to each other
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    My girlfriend is somewhat more intelligent than I am, considering that she's pursuing a PhD in physics while I'm pursuing a bachelors, yet we never really discuss our educational goals or problems. Fortunately, she knows that if she did then that could be stressful to our relationship.
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    With english/spelling/grammar/random knowing of stuff I'm more "intelligent"
    However he is good at maths and is in a far better job at 21 than I ever will be in. Damn English Lit. degree.
    And I don't think it affects our relationship, but he probably gets annoyed when I correct his spelling/grammar :o:
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    i don't think i am, i know i am.

    he's not unintelligent and is quite good with maths and computers...but he lacks real logical thinking and reasoning ability that is on my level. its a bit difficult and i would prefer it if my partner was on my level, or at least closer to it. but i can recognize where his talents lay and i know my own. we are different types of thinkers and we have different interests. i am a very classic academic type who reads a lot. he enjoys tv. so in some respects it can make certain types of discussion / debate more difficult. its impossible to talk politics with the man. but that's what i have friends for.
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    He is FAR cleverer than me. He can debate anyone into the ground, knows a hell of a lot about politics and history, and remembers nearly everything he hears.

    However, his emotional intelligence and common sense can be damn useless.

    He'd also say I'm cleverer than him, but I don't think if you met the two of us you'd think I was smarter.
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    I'd say we're just intellegent in different ways. He keeps up to date on current affairs, and has different interests, while I get straight A's but dont really know what's going on in the world. Depends how you define intelligence, really.


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