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what questions do they ask on mcdonalds interview

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    what questions how long will it be, and will there be anything else ill have to do on my first interview?
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    I worked there so I might help.
    They'll ask you if you've had any paid job before, why do you want work for them, what are your qualities (mention you like and enjoy learning new things and get well with other people thank to your endlessly friendly nature, plus you can deal with workloads...)... just normal stuff. Don't show them you're nervous and when you start working, listen carefully to what everyone's saying and don't try to opose anyone in ANY way (I did it just once and everyone seemed to hate me for quite a while...). It's better to keep mouth shut unless you get familiar with your collegues.
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    i dont know what to say to 'why do you want to work for us'
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    Just mention you like meeting new people, learning new things, contact with customers etc and you could mention your previous work experience as well.
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    they ask you "where did you lose your virginity" just say bus shelter and you'll get the job :p:

    on a serious note, how was it?
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    I had an OJE/Interview last Friday, all she asked me was if I was at college, what I think my job roles would consist of, confirm my availability then put me on Window 3 to see how I handled it with someone. :p:
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    oh man! i got my OJE/interview day after tomorrow, neva been in a situation like this .... well i got to know a lot bout mc'd interviews here thnx yall , wat do i need to wear for the interview, i know im supposed to wear dark trousers but should it be like complete formal with the tie?(im male) and secondly i c OJE is al bout servin food and givin baloons to kids wats it bout ? should i walk around tables and keep distributin baloons for 15 min or do i jus stand somewer n kids come to me askin for it ....? and how do i start it all how to greet the customers and wat do i say to them while serving the food? plz reply asap coz its day after tomorrow....cheerz
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    mcdonalds invite me for interview.What type of question they ask me?
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    what is good customer service?
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    what is good customer service?


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