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What foods should you eat when you're ill?

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    I've been ill since yesterday as in, being sick however today I feel a bit better and a little bit hungry. I want to avoid food which will make me even worse. I know I shouldn't eat fatty or salty food but would soup be ok?
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    Soup should be ok. Depending what soup.
    Chicken and noodle or tomato I've found good.

    Toast is a safe option. And Maybe get some orange juice in you. Boost up the Vitamin C
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    I usually eat soup when I'm ill and oranges to boost my vitamin C and toast.

    Edit: ^ ^ lol I jsut realised we posted the same food things at exactly the same time.
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    Thanks alot. I think I'll get some chicken soup and toast
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    Soup :yep:
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    i allways get a bit of choccy or ice cream and a pepsi to make me feel less ******... then some fruit, and soup with some fruit juice (vitamin C)
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    Bananas are good and Sprite or 7-up can be good if you are feeling nauseous.
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    Ginger ale :yep: and peppermint tea.
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    wholemeal bread toast, plain yoghurt, grated apple and black tea.
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    soup and brown bread is the staple diet of the ill and plenty of cups of tea
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    Vimto. I drink Vimto by the gallons when I'm ill. I think it's because I'm dehydrated, and it's the only thing I can handle drinking large amounts of without feeling bloated when I'm sick...

    Stay away from Pringles though :ninja:
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    dry toast and lucozade
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    when I feel ill, I eat Soup,chocolate bread, and drink much mineral water..
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    I always have rich tea biscuits for some reason. Also, soup and toast is good. Sip water or tea constantly but slowly. Hope you feel better soon!
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    gallons of soup. heinz tomato in particular !
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    I eat dry toast, one slice of.
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    foods rich in vitamin c
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    Toast is always good!
    I also find milkyways easy to chew and keep down for some reason
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    As a rule, something dry and non-fatty or non-greasy. If you've been very very sick then it's worth drinking something that will replace the salts you would have lost through dehydration. Something like Diralyte (not sure about the spelling) which you can get from most pharmacies, or even something like Lucozade Sports (the non-fizzy variety). Drinking plenty of fluids is always a good idea, water and squash are great.

    Dry biscuits like rich teas or digestives are good. It takes your stomach around a week to totally recover from a bout of nasty illness, so be gentle to it for a few days! Avoid things that are fried etc until the weekend!

    Hope you feel better


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