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    Am I the only undergrad to have been put in Roberts Way??!? House 5??

    Feel like I'm going to be in the student village on my own!!!
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    Lol I feel exactly the same way except I'm in Butler. Fear not, if we're both alone in our respective places we can team up and terrorise every other hall.
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    lol, that we will! At this rate I'll have the whole of Bishops Way to myself...how very lonely!

    How flexible do you think they are on re-allocating??
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    They can be flexible - just not very. I suppose you could ask if you could change rooms should you want to. Depends on how many rooms they have spare.
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    Will see how it pans out when I get there - Wish I'd have chosen proper halls now instead of shared houses!!

    Will it be your first year in Sept?? What are you studying? Apologies for 20 questions - nice to talk 'uni' with someone ).
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    i'm at Roberts Way too. house 57 i think
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    Lol complete opposite ends. I used to be in 49 Roberts Way - I loved it there
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    hi aeana is it possible to tell from house or room number if i have got a phase 2 room ? is a washbasin the only difference between phase 1 and 2?
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    I'm staying in house 34
    *double checks*
    Yea 34
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    *runs into the convo late*

    Re-allocation of rooms is like Aeana says, possible but it depends on where you'd like to go

    Without knowing the houses very well, you can't tell which houses are phase 1 and which are phase 2. When you get here though the difference is obvious, they have different coloured drainpipes to signifiy phases 1 and 2. Can't remember which is which by Aeana will know
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    cool thanks , i put down for phase 2 but i guess it doesn't really matter i will find out soon enough
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    I'm house 6 I think. All y'all are opposite ends lol! Doh!

    I think mines Phase 1 - whats the difference??
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    Phase 2 has a sink in each bedroom, no other differences that matter
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    Ohhhh - ok! So there houses of 8? Do you reckon the bathroom's big lol?! I am a girl - this is fairly essential! Oh, and is the Freshers ball formal??? Questions, questions! I've had nobody to ask all this until I found this site!

    I'm sooooo excited!!!
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    Usually between 6-8 per house, the bathroom on the ground floor is both toilet and shower and is from memory a wet room with a shower curtain drawn to seperate the shower and toilet areas of the room.

    Freshers ball is very much not formal, if you do go in formal wear, make sure it's as a group and on purpose or you'll be laughed at by the 2nd and 3rd years :p:
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    The bathroom is quite small, the wet room (shower and toilet) is massive with plenty of room to move around. You don't actually get a bathroom in your bedroom, phase 2 has sinks and thats about it.

    And yeah **R** it is possible to tell if you have a phase 1 or 2 house from your house number. I think 34 is phase 2, it's quite a high number and I was in 49 which was well in the phase 2 area. Don't hold me to it, but I think you may have a phase 2 house. It's also possible to tell if your bedroom is on the ground or first floor - Rooms 1-3 are on the ground floor, rooms 4-7 are on the first floor.

    Any more questions - feel free to ask
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    Oooooh! Righto! I was looking forward to getting dressed up - is it quite laid back atmosphere then?

    I hope the houses aren't too far from the main campus ( i.e. student learning centre, SU Bar). I'm coming from Leicester so am hoping it becomes a 'home from home' kind of thing.
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    All of the UH accomodation is on the campus :p: Depending on where about the house is within the "village" you might have a view of the LRC from your room, at most it'll be 200m from you. Granted you'll be further away from the Font (SU Bar) than people who are living in Telford Court, but it's not really something you'll notice after you're pre-outing drinking
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    As dokta said, all uni accommodation (halls/houses) are on campus. In my first year at Roberts Way I was about a minutes walk from the LRC and five minutes (depending if we stopped to play rugby with an invisible ball on the field or not) from the Font.

    As he said, the five minutes flies by when you've got a few drinks inside you
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    Went on-campus today (yes i was bored) Houses 1-34 are green drainpipes (phase 1, no sink) 35 onwards are red, phase 2 with sinks in rooms.


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