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Choral scholars

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    Anyone get a choral scholarship for Cambridge? I've got one at Clare and am on the hunt for fellow musos!
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    lol...i know the organ scholar you'll have conducting you...great laugh, but bent as the soviet sickle etc...
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    well done! Clare choral scholar: impressive
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    Since i will be applying next year for a choral scholarship, what kind of oral tests did you have to do?
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    soz if you've already seen that. I think the aural tests are fairly standard really - spotting notes in chords, identifying progressions, that sort of thing. Not too far removed from Grade 8 aural

    what college you applying for your choral scholarship?
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    Well, I applied to Caius for music and got a place, but there was nothing in the letter about the choral scholarship-i think i might hear about that on Tuesday and if not I will ring up. I'm not too bothered, im already in CUMS chorus as I live in the area. Congrats on Clare
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    I am a choral scholar at Girton but i'm a Vet not a muso. Congrats on your scholarship Maryconway.
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    im a first year scholar at christs
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    Bout aural tests...pretty scary! I sang my piece, they asked me what key in was in, then played another piece and asked what key that was in. Then Mr Brown played a note and got me to sing up a minor 3rd, then down a dim. 7th from that and so on for about 5 intervals, then asked me what note I had ended on!!! :aetsch:

    PS. To current scholars...what's Tim Brown like?!
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    (Original post by Maryconway)
    PS. To current scholars...what's Tim Brown like?!
    I'm not a scholar, but I couldn't possibly comment on that without being libellous in the extreme. :p:

    Congratulations though - the muso crowd (music students plus choristers and instrumentalists) are a very lovely, if somewhat exclusive bunch!
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    (Original post by Helenia)
    I'm not a scholar, but I couldn't possibly comment on that without being libellous in the extreme. :p:
    Isn't it only libel if it isn't true?
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    Hi all,
    I got an offer (AAB) to study music at christs starting september 2004, would really appreciate chance to get in contact with any current music students at the uni, preferably at christs but no essential.
    Please email me [email protected].

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    (Original post by MadNatSci)
    Isn't it only libel if it isn't true?
    Absolutely no comment whatsoever. :p:
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    (Original post by Maryconway)
    Anyone get a choral scholarship for Cambridge? I've got one at Clare and am on the hunt for fellow musos!
    Congratulations! You are starting in October, right? I should still be in the choir then, as long as I stay on Mr Brown's good side :rolleyes:

    I can honestly tell you, being in Clare choir is the most fun thing in the world (ok, biased opinion, but hey). It has its up and downs of course, but I wouldn't give it up for the world!

    And Tim is lovely really - but I won't say anything else, for the same reasons as Helenia...

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    I will be applying to Trinity probably, does anyone know anything about their choir?
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    Trinity? well from what I can gather Mr Marlow only wants a very particular type of voice. My singing teacher told me that he would hate my voice, and that sopranos applying need almost to have that boy treble quality to their voice. I would also stress the competativness involved in applying to clare and trinity if you are a girl (I suppose Jamie could be either), less so if you are a guy.

    Flo xxxxxx
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    Lol I'm a guy, so what kind of voice is he looking for?
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    lol, I hope that question of what tim brown is like was a joke. Apparently he's very nice if he likes you. If not...

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    tim brown makes girls cry. frequently.

    nuff said
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    I just got told that I got a choral scholarship at Caius!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!! majorly happy
Updated: January 15, 2005
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