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How do I access my King's e - mail? (my address ends in @kcl.ac.uk)

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    As above. Thanks people!
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    https://impmail.kcl.ac.uk/horde/imp/ I'm assuming.
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    No, it's from here: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/iss/it/email/owa.html

    Click on the thing that says Login to OWA and enter your and enter your registration username and password. You can change your password at the same time.
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    Thanks, but I still can't access my e - mail! Am I supposed to register my account first?
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    I couldn't register my email for some reason...which username and password do you need to use for that? I have a sheet full of them!
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    You use the same one that you use to log on to the internet at King's. It's in the second section on that sheet, under "Usernames and passwords on connected systems". Use the "Registration Username" and "Registration Password" to set up your email.
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    I've tried to do exactly that but it's still not working - blergh! Thanks anyway!
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    (Original post by Ascient)
    No, it's from here: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/iss/it/email/owa.html
    Ah okay! I thought everyone's was webmail.
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    I've already registered my account and I haven't been able to access my Kings email from my laptop at home all week.
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    The webmail has just changed for current students so it may be that either the server's a bit slow (happens a lot) or you aren't going to the right link.
    Go to kcl.ac.uk and select 'internal', then 'king's new webmail' or something. If that doesn't work call the ISS people tomorrow or just wait it out. You won't have any important emails yet anyway!
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    Also, i thought the server was being really dodgy, but i realised that the OWA bit at the end of the address is vital for it to work. Login at kclmail.kcl.ac.uk/OWA
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    (Original post by Wish)
    Can PAWS be accessed outside campus?
    Sorry - I don't think so.
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    http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show...1#post14538211 - !
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    sorry guys, some how some way posted it some where else before as mentioned in above thread.

    Hi guys, this is a way to access email at king's

    New Student – Email Account Registration
    ISS Enquiry Services

    Access to the College email system is available after an initial online registration process. You will be asked to provide answers to a series of security questions, some of which will be required should you need to reset your password at a later date

    To register for the College email system please follow the instructions below:

    1. If you are using a PAWS PC then log in using your PAWS username and password (refer to your registration sheet to obtain these) If you are not using a PAWS PC and have internet access go to step (2)

    2. Go to the Information Services & Systems (ISS) homepage (www.kcl.ac.uk/iss)

    3. Click the link on the right under ‘King’s email service’ that reads ‘Register your account’

    4. On the next page entitled ‘Register for King’s new email service’, familiarise yourself with the ‘Password guidance’, then click on the link under ‘Registration’ that reads ‘password management security service’

    5. You will be prompted to enter your registration username and password (refer to your registration sheet to obtain these) Click <next> to continue

    6. You will then be taken to the section where you will need to answer six security questions (the answers to which you must not share with anyone) Click <next> to continue

    7. You will be presented with a link prompting you to ‘Click here to change your password now’. Please click this and follow the instructions in order to complete the registration process. Click <next> to continue

    You have now successfully registered. This password will grant you access to both College email (OWA – Outlook Web Access) and also to PAWS (Public Access Workstation) PC’s

    i hope it will help

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    I went down to the library today and asked them. Apparently a lot of people who registered their email accounts between Wednesday and Friday last week haven't been able to access them. The very friendly IT dude helped me reset my password and it's been working fine ever since.
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    (Original post by emmaisme)
    I went down to the library today and asked them. Apparently a lot of people who registered their email accounts between Wednesday and Friday last week haven't been able to access them.
    They were....I can I put this.....
    PAWED !!


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