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Sea Monkeeeees

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    I know it ruins the magic a little, but you can go to most aquatic-y places (fish shops? am I being really dim in that I can't think of a proper name? :p:) and ask for brine shrimp- exactly what Seamonkeys are, and very commonly available.
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    (Original post by -WhySoSerious?)
    Lol! I remember I moved on to Triops. They were amazing :p:
    Triops are waaay better! At least you can actually see them :rolleyes:
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    Now thats a triop...

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    (Original post by Amy)
    Now thats a triop...

    Yeah lol, [Moderator edit: please do not circumvent the filter] scary looking things, but they were ace!
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    (Original post by -WhySoSerious?)
    Yeah lol, fckin scary looking things, but they were ace!
    im surprised they havent been i Cocktor Who yet...
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    I had some when I was at primary school. I bought them some 'sea-diamonds' which apparently the sea monkeys were supposed to toss around like beach balls and even surf on (which would give them vital exercise). Needless to say, I was disappointed. The banana flavoured sea monkey dessert was a bit of a rip-off too. I want some more monkeys now I've seen this thread. My last lot all had names from Lord of the Rings. Or the ones big enough to be visible did.
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    damn nature you scary!
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    Yay! My sea monkees are hatching!!!
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    I had some once but they died the cat knocked them off my window sill.
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    (Original post by ILoveTorchwood)
    I had some once but they died the cat knocked them off my window sill.
    Exactly What happened to mine last week

    Bought some new ones from Woolworths, they hatched and I counted about 14, and the next day they had ALL disappeared again! Creepy!


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