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Which Universities are good for Journalism / Media?

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    I was going to go to Bournemouth to study Multi-Media Journalism and needed 3 B's. I didn't get in but got a remark and now have:
    English Lang: B
    Media Studies: B
    Business Studies: B

    Law = C
    ICT = C

    The course is full so I can't go until next year anyway. But this means I have more time to think about where I want to go and Bournemouth is only about 60-ish on the League tables, so I wonder if there are any other universities well renowned for their Journalism?

    Despite it being 60-ish the course is accreddited by the official Journalism body the NCTJ which makes it much better, but I am wondering if I am limiting myself and should be shooting higher? - !!!

    Well I'm about the start Broadcast Journalism at Nottingham Trent. Been around the facilities and they look great - based in the old BBC East Midlands headquarters, though we'll be moving to purpose-built brand new facilities later in the year.

    First impressions of the course are very good and the city itself looks fantastic!

    Hope that helped

    UEA is great for english, in fact it's famous for it.

    University College Falmouth- I'm going there because the facilities are just immense for media subjects- it's a media and art and design uni so it's their speciality!

    (Original post by storminaDcup)
    UEA is great for english, in fact it's famous for it.
    Is it? I wasn't aware it was that good. I know that their English/American literature and creative writing courses have produced a few writers such as Andrew Motion. I wouldn't say it's particularly fantastic though, or that it's a good course for a budding journalist.

    Anyway, that's English and not Journalism.

    Cardiff and Sheffield are arguably the two strongest journalism schools in the country. I'm not entirely sure on entry requirements though. They both offer accredited courses.

    Kent, Portsmouth, Brunel, Strathscyle, Sunderland, Teesside, Nottingham Trent, LJMU all offer accredited courses also of varying standard. There'll be others.

    do english at the best ranked uni u can and move into journalism...

    (Original post by Ilios_Lampros)
    do english at the best ranked uni u can and move into journalism...

    Doing English will give you no real advantage.

    In fact, many journalists don't even study English. All arts subjects provide a good grounding for a career in journalism. Philosophy, history....Many also come from a politics or science background (partcularly those going into current affairs or scientific journalism).

    Also, why the "best ranked uni" they can?

    If the OP wants to go into journalism, and knows they want to, then there's nothing wrong with doing it as a degree. Providing, of course, it's NCTJ accredited.

    For Journalism i think central lancashire is quite good


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