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Discursive Essay NAB Help - English

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    I'm needing a little help on doing the higher english writing NAB.

    I've decided on writing a discursive essay about Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

    I've done some research on each side of the argument but I'm finding it hard to divide it in to main points. Like how should I split it? What should the main points be? Argh! It's my first time writing a discursive for english since standard grade, and then I wasn't even great anyways:shifty: I think its the stucture and content thats confusing me the most about this!

    I should've picked a short story or reflective (although I really hate them)

    Can anybody help me please? Obviously not do the essay, but outline a structure or something or a rough guide to write a general higher essay
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    This is the way I laid mine out;

    First point (1 pro & 1 con)
    Second point (1 pro & 1 con)
    Third point (1 pro & 1 con)

    To get the 'discussion' started I quoted a few controversial lines from the Bible in my introduction then went on to introduce the actual topic. Each time I took a new paragraph I tried to link it on from the paragraph before it to make it flow better. In my conclusion I gave my opinion on the topic which was gained from the points raised before in my essay.

    Thats just a few small things I did for my NAB essay. I've yet to sit the actual NAB but my teachers corrected it and gave me a B so a definite pass. Hope this helps you a little.

    Also, have a read through these two websites it may help you out a little more:
    Good luck
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    try idebate.org
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    Thanks for replies, I think my problem is that its just not organised enough!

    Gonna sort through all the notes I have and try and group them in to points.


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