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Job for one day a week?

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    hi basically im a student at college and my timetable is pretty heavy (maths, biology, chemistry and economics), i need time to do plenty of work as i want A's hopefully

    I really only want to work one day a week (sat or sun) is this possible and do you think it will put alot of employers off?

    can anyone give me websites where i can apply online?
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    supermarkets? they often take on weekend staff
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    most places WANT people who can work saturdays or sundays - especially supermarkets
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    Weekend end is wanted by supermarkets and also theres places wanting temporary christmas work so you can try and get something temporary.
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    im not sure if most places would want you to work one day a week because they usually have a set minimum number of hours for you to work in a week ranging from 8-16 hours. But i think thats only for big companies. Ask around at small shops or restaurants, they might have some as ive seen my friend get a saturday job at a restaurant
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    I work at WH Smith - Sunday only. My job is just to change the charts every week, and to work the entertainment desk. I just went in and asked if there was a weekend job available and they said they needed somebody to work Saturday or Sunday or both.
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    (Original post by randomgirl)
    supermarkets? they often take on weekend staff

    yes but not always for only one day, many have minimum hours, I know Sainsburys has a minimum of 12 hours needed to work.
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    I know asda are supposed to have a minimum of 12 hours a week but i have only ever worked a 6 hour shift on a sunday i think it depends on the store but there also pretty good at giving me unpaid leave or doing shift swaps if your needing more time to study or something
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    how do u apply for asda?

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    (Original post by a.sehgal)
    how do u apply for asda?

    You need to go into your local store and ask for an application form, but usually they don't have any and will ask you to send them a CV/Cover Letter and they mail you back in the post an application form.

    I'd take a CV/Cover Letter in an envelope ready if you go in and ask for an app form when they say "we don't have any, bla bla" .. :p:
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    I work one day a week, 6 hours on a Sunday at Next


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