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Personal Statement conclusion

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    I've written my personal statement, but I'm having trouble writing a conclusion.

    Anyone have an tips of what to include? [i have no idea what I want to do after uni, so that's out =/]

    Try to show them by a few lines, straight to the point what are your goals.
    Use a good quote, which might sound cliche, but if you do find a good one that sticks to the overall personal statement that would be good.

    If you haven't already included in your P.S. why you chose your homeland (UK) to study, it'd be a good place to include that.

    But overall, the conclusion should be a spot-on fade-out of the overall personal statement, something that sticks to the rest of the text.

    I don't know what I want to do after university, so I wrote that (as it's usually where people put those bits), but that I am open to different paths and opportunities that university will present for me. (In different words, but that was the gist.)

    I finished my personal statement with 'After completion of my degree I hope to take relevant experience and study in order of making my dream of becoming an occupational psychologist a reality.'

    Dream and Reality was a bit cliché, but I think it illustrates I know what I want to do and what not, concise, rounded it off and stopped me ending on ice-skating! Actually, my favourite part of my PS was my ending sentence, I do not like the rest of it.

    This was my conclusion:

    "Overall, I consider myself to be a hardworking, creative student who is motivated by challenges and can gain personal benefit from new experiences, and I feel that a university degree in Politics will be a great foundation for a successful career in the future, in whatever field that may be"

    Do you really need a conclusion? it seems abit waffly (real word?) and wastes line space, but ending mine after extra-curricular seems abit blunt....

    Well it's not really a conclusion, rather than a conclusive paragraph with a closing statement.

    I concluded mine by talking about how I was excited to continue studying physics at a more advanced level, or something to that extent.

    (a) It is a foolish idea to post parts of your PS on an open forum. The UCAS plagiarism checker will have a field day.

    (b) You do need a proper conclusion. It should be upbeat and draw it all together and highlight why you want to study your subject, without repeating what you have previously written.

    (c) It wouldn't be a good use of the space to say things that are true for everyone, say how excited you are, say how much you are looking forward to new experiences or merely make uncorroborated claims about yourself.

    For anyone who lands on this discussion. We've just written a new article with the help of university admissions experts.

    You can read how to end your personal statement with a bang here
Updated: November 20, 2015
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