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Best universities for Biochemistry ?

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    And also Mathematics
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    I don't think I can give you a top ten, but I can tell you which are amongst the best: UCL, imperial, oxford, nottingham, york, bristol

    (I don't mention cambridge as it's not pure biochemistry you have to do the NatSci)
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    Good universities for Biochem which I know of include: Oxford, Bristol, Bath, Nottingham and York.
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    I'd say from personal experience that Royal Holloway's Biochemistry course is fantastic, especially if you want flexible course options. Don't go by the ranking this year because it's a well-known fact around uni that the numbers submitted for 2008 review were wrong. Hence the 10 rank drop in one year! Definitely worth a back up place. I declined a place at Imperial for Biochemistry to go to roho so yeah....just my viewpoint
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    Ditto what people above have said, but they might be a little snooty about grades, or at least demand that you get As in the A-levels in the end. Manchester and Newcastle are supposed to be excellent student cities, no idea about the biochem, but I'd guess it'd be very acceptable
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    ... the usual ones.
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    My career helper guy at college tells me Bristol's very good for Biochemistry, if that helps, and I think it ranks quite well on tables.
    I can tell you Manchester's a great city to live in, I love it here, and there's tonnes of night-life. My brother says the accomodation on campus is pretty good, and the people are really friendly, though from some of the stories I've heard they're not the most work-minded individuals ^_^"


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