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how many hours of independent study do you do for each A-level subject per week?

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    The only subject I really spend a lot of time on is English - I spend hours on each essay. For maths and history I don't do much, but I probably will need to get serious with history soon.
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    2-3 per subject.
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    Last year on my as's i didnt do very much at all. and got DEU. this year im retaking 2 AS'S and doing 1 A2 im doing about 4 hours a night. i have 10 hours of frees a week and about 7 of them i work in. and i do 4 hours on a sunday.

    so hopefully i should improve that DEU. lol. im looking for at least BCC the end of this year!
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    Oh god maybe i should be doing more work. I rarely do any at home at all, i do quite a bit in frees but thats still probably only 6 hours a week, what some of you do per subject!!
    I don't feel like there is tonnes i can do at the moment, well except with the art, should really work harder with that too!
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    I did about 30 minutes per week?
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    Like, nothing outside homework. Even with homework, I set myself goals of how quickly I can get it done. An English essay I can do in about an hour if I concentrate, Law is much, much less - like 10, 20 minutes. And quite often, I do homework for one subject in the lesson before it is due in.

    Basically, I actually concentrate in class, and I learn stuff there. If I really want to, I might research a little outside, but not a lot, and it's not actual 'work' - I'll read a legal essay or a report of a psychology experiment, or maybe some more work by the person we're studying for literature. But I'm not revising yet, I don't need to.

    I also don't do work in frees. I don't really have anything to do. Me and my boyfriend just go home and .. you know.

    (Original post by Jarve99)
    I did none at all, regrettably. Hence only achieving ABC. If you value your future, you will do as much as you can. Take this advice from experience.
    Psh. I did the same last year and got AAAAB(aa) in my AS levels, thank you very much.
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    Lately I've been doing about an hour of homework in each of my extra-long frees (I have 2 extra-long frees a week), and about 45 minutes at home in the evenings, but not every evening. I think I did about an hour of homework yesterday, and will probably do the same today if I don't stay exhausted like I am now! Almost all of the homework I ever get is for chemistry and maths - very rarely do I get any for physics or psychology! But I get so much chemistry homework that I often don't have time to finish my maths. But my maths teacher never checks it anyway! :o:

    The only time I've actually taught myself new stuff was when I was off ill about a week ago. That probably only took about 10 minutes!

    So really I do 0 apart from homework.
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    We are told to do 5 hours per subject per week not including homework and coursework, but so far I'm doing 0.
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    Probably about 3 hours
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    0, including homework
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    lol at this thread: lol
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    None, except when it come to exams.
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    (Original post by italianstallion)
    Rougly. I probably do about 6 hours
    for each a level i do at least 3 or 4, depending on how hard i worked in the lesson.

    its not about how much time you put in, its how you use it .
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    we have 2 hours of independant study a week.... but we don't actually get set any work.. i only got set work for biology so i only do independant study for bio!
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    2-3 hours.
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    0 hours but i really should start doing some work i need AAA or AAB...............
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    probably about.. 5/6
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    (Original post by necessarily benevolent)
    If that's 1 hour a week then, *hmm* *hmm*
    you're gonna fail

    My school embeds it in our brains that we should do at least 5 hours per subject per week, and that's not even to get an A.

    Everyone is different. For AS Levels, I did homeworks of about 2hrs per subject, and none of this 5hrs extra work until revision in Late April / Early May and got 4 A's...
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    At college I do 5 hours per week for each subject and
    at home I do about 3-4 hours independent study for each subject per week.


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Updated: July 13, 2012
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