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how many hours of independent study do you do for each A-level subject per week?

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    Erm, none really.
    Just my homework at the moment and then be done with it.

    EDIT: Thank God, just had to check through the thread that it wasn't just me. For a second there I was worried that I was a terrifically bad A-Level student bound to fail miserably.
    There's no point in doing extra work unless you'll use it in the exam or you really enjoy doing it. I guess some of the Philosophy reading I do might count as 'extra work' but none of it really has anything to do with my course .
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    about 30..
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    Just my homework, maybe an hour a subject :P
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    Are you kidding?? I barely manage to finish my homework on time.
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    :o: i hand my homework in sometimes incomplete, let alone independent study!:eek: i'm going to fail
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    Two-three hours for ALL.
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    6-8ish I reckon.
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    6 hours divided by 4 subjects that i do plus homework. So that averages out at like 2 hours a subject
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    (Original post by strawberry_princess)
    What?? I do my homework... so about 1??! How do you have time to do 6 hours?!
    it's really not as much as it sounds. Even if you do one hour per subject every day you can easily get in 6 hours in a week.
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    i did about 5 hours per subject last year for AS's and i got AAAA in bio, chem, sociology and psychology. By fitting in an extra hour per subject per week it adds up to quite a bit more by the end of the year.
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    0 hours, revised about a week before the exams, got ABCD.. not to great, slowly getting into a ruitine where im gonna try and do around 4 hours a subject per week (if i decide I wanna do all four subjects to A2), I dont have an awful lot of time after that with work over the entire weekend and athletics two nights a week lol
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    I do about 5 days a week after college excluding tuesdays for dog training and fridays for a damned break, which leads to about 1.5- 3 hours in those nights I do, so about minumum 7.5, maximum would be like 10-11 hours.
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    Not a lot.
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    None so far, except homework :ashamed:
    From next week I'll do a couple of hours (hopefully) :groovy:
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    at the moment

    0 hrs in fact
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    (Original post by skatealexia)
    I do about 5 days a week after college excluding tuesdays for dog training and fridays for a damned break, which leads to about 1.5- 3 hours in those nights I do, so about minumum 7.5, maximum would be like 10-11 hours.
    I sort of guessed you did that much looking at your GCSE results
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    (Original post by italianstallion)
    I sort of guessed you did that much looking at your GCSE results

    How come?
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    Depends how well the teacher teaches it.
    For Inorganic Chem, I don't do any extra work cause I understand it, but for Organic Chem I have NO IDEA what the guy goes on about so I'd have to do reading in my own time on the stuff :/
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    you got very high grades
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    These threads always make me feel guilty. I look over my notes and do the homework, that's it.


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Updated: July 13, 2012
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