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    So... watching neighbours for the first time in months and I'm intrigued to note that Callum has morphed from charming young jester into barbaric teenage sulkist.


    Also, strangely unable to come up with anything smutty despite the Sonya and Toadie shenanigans. Either I'm out of practise or they're the least erotic couple in Neighbours history.
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    Anyone see the preview for tomorrow's ep. Looks like Toadie's boss has her sights set on him. I think the whole soap needs a massive storyline, it's dragged a little in recent weeks. Karl and Susan need to just get back together. Whilst the love triangle with Mike, Lucas and Amelia is a good side plot, we need more then just Sophie going insane, cause she is ridiculously annoying
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    Have we got to the end of season episode yet?

    I've heard it's an explosive one, so all these storylines must be building up to something big.
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    Loving the male bonding between Paul and Karl in last night's episode. Oh sweet irony.

    Also, is Callum going through a growth spurt?
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    there is something about erin that i massively like. and i can't quite work out what it is
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    No great storylines in Australia at the moment :sad:
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    I'm really behind, I love Lucas trying to find out if Aiden is gay :giggle:

    And then Tash is just like "So Aiden, gay or straight? Lucas wants to know..." :teehee:
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    Omg, I wish they'd just leave Kate alone. She's only 20, let her live her life.
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    Naked Zumba ey :sexface:
    Jade looked amazing today :love:
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    (Original post by SilGathien)
    Loving the male bonding between Paul and Karl in last night's episode. Oh sweet irony.

    Also, is Callum going through a growth spurt?
    I was thinking this. He looks so much older suddenly!

    (Original post by Amandeep_Psych07)
    Omg, I wish they'd just leave Kate alone. She's only 20, let her live her life.
    I used to hate Kate and her goody two shoes-ness but right now I want them to leave her alone. Sophie has become even worse than Kate and I can't believe Kyle ruined Valentine's Day to talk about bloody Kate with Paul!!!
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    (Original post by KingElesser)
    Jade looked amazing today :love:
    Great shout, and your sig is hilarious. To be honest, I hope Kate stays there and Sophie gets taken away by the DHS, she does my head in.

    Gutted for Summer though, thought Michael would continue his care-free streak and not turn her in - Edit: Somebody spoke way too soon. Keeps me on my toes these Aussie Soaps
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    Chris and Aiden today- so cute!

    Summer needs to get over herself and just go away! I'm finding her whole 'wracked with guilt' thing incredibly annoying. It's like 'OK producers of Neighbours, you've made your point, you do not condone cheating in exams.'

    Also Tash, thought the whole feeling guilty about what happened to your Dad thing had passed, obviously not.
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    When Paul jumped in that boat I was hoping for a 'Live and Let Die' style boat chase. Alas, I was left disappointed.
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    I had a big smile on my face for every Chris and Aiden scene. I'm such a loser.
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    (Original post by little_wizard123)
    I had a big smile on my face for every Chris and Aiden scene. I'm such a loser.
    Me too!! :excited: :excited: :excited: (Apart from the loser part of course :ninja:)
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    Yes! I've finally been able to watch an episode of Neighbours, that's taken my episode count for the last month to 2!! and I was not disappointed...well I was a little. Does anyone else find Summer as tedious as a 10,000 piece jigsaw picture of a grey sky?

    Check Neighbours challenging soap relationship convention with a gay relationship. You wouldn't see that on Eastenders, Brookside or Hollyoaks...oh wait...Still I, like LittleWizard123 was cheering them on.

    Also has anyone actually checked on youtube for the Paul stealing a boat clip, I haven't...:ninja:
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    (Original post by hollywoodbudgie)
    Me too!! :excited: :excited: :excited: (Apart from the loser part of course :ninja:)
    Check my signature I so updated it to inform TSR users of the proudest moment of my life: when I won the Lou Carpenter award :cool:
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    For a long time Paul stopped hobbling along or it was very slight that it was impossible to tell he was hobbling, now all of a sudden it's like they've remembered he's meant to limp and now you can really notice. Ha.
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    I think Stefan Dennis must have really p***ed off the writers for them to do that to him. It mut be so annoying to have to remember to limp in every scene FORVER.

    And yes, Summer is very tedious. So damn whiney.
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    He doesn't remember....

    "Your character has a fake leg. Do you ever forget to limp?
    They made me a splint which actually makes me sort of limp, but keeps my foot rigid so it looks like I actually do have a non-moving piece. One time I did change my leg, as in I swapped it over and limped on the other one to see if anyone noticed. I just did it as a gag one day. Nobody in the cast or crew noticed. There was only one person. I got a letter from someone in the UK."


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