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The Neighbours Soc

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    very unrealstic

    what the hell was all that in the field as well :laughing: thought he might collapse!

    get your ass to perth already kirsten ffs
  2. Offline

    (Original post by anelka9)
    very unrealstic

    what the hell was all that in the field as well :laughing: thought he might collapse!
    I thought he was going to have a heart attack and just drop down dead.

    (Original post by anelka9)
    get your ass to perth already kirsten ffs
    If it gets rid of mop-head Ned, then I agree :p:
  3. Offline

    (Original post by Student2806)
    I thought he was going to have a heart attack and just drop down dead.

    If it gets rid of mop-head Ned, then I agree :p:
    Better luck next time hehe.
  4. Offline

    Ned (in real life) is actually on that 'Celeb-Air' programme lol so he must have a break in Neighbours or he has left (One can only dream).

    I haven't seen it but no doubt it would be cringey :-/
  5. Offline

    Yep Ned these with Kristen to Perth, but Mickey will come back to live with the Parkers.
  6. Offline

    LOL at steve in the field screaming..and since when did he do exercise haha !!
  7. Offline

    LOL exactly, oh and from now on you'll see everyone going to the gym alot.
  8. Offline

    hehe, such a random u-turn! Steve loves Nicola?! When did that happen lol. But then again whiney Miranda would drive me nuts
  9. Offline

    Nah it's more the other way around Nicola loves Steve.
  10. Offline

    That made me lol so hard 'Nicola loves me' *silence* 'DO YOU LOVE NICOLA?!'... wtf?! Where on earth that came from i have no idea! And yeah, that field thing was frickin hilarious, Neighbours is adding some good lulz recently!

  11. Offline

    They have to be the most annoying family ever in Ramsy street....
    I can't stand any of them.:p:
  12. Offline

    lol I only like steve, but not nicola, bridget or miranda.

    Can't wait to see the family dinner with angus hehe that won't be awkard
  13. Offline

    steve is cooool.

    i love nicola mmmmm
  14. Offline

    LOL at Kirsten. I am only at the part where she makes paul sit through her having her bandages changed, but I love how she has like 100% burns, everywhere except her face, which is the only part we see. lolol!
  15. Offline

    ^I was gonna post about that lol

    Neighbours can't stretch to a make-up artist tho ;-)
  16. Offline

    You'd have to stab someone with scissors pretty hard for their lung to collapse :\

    Nomnom their milkshakes always look so nice!!
  17. Offline

    i saw dan running freely onto ramsey street from his house last week :laughing:

    i swear a massive log/tree fell on his leg during the start of the fire say two weeks ago? :confused:
  18. Offline

    lol yeah^ did he even go to hospital?!

    So much for Nicola's 'Don't move him, he may be seriously hurt' hehe, whilst stopping everyone from escaping :-)
  19. Offline

    what is going on with Miranda?

    thank God bridget is thinking about changing her hair.
  20. Offline

    I always wonder how the actors feel when the writers add personal insults and jibes in the today, Bridget being told she looked llike a boy lol and when people are called fat etc.

    I always imagine their faces when they read the script hehe


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Updated: March 24, 2015
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