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The Speaker's Chamber

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    Model House of Commons Update

    Evening MPs,

    We have a new Bill up tonight.

    Best wishes,

    B781 - No CO₂ Emission Vehicles Act 2015 - 5 day(s) remaining

    B780 - Representation of the People Act Amendment Bill 2015 - 4 day(s) remaining

    B779 - Profit From NHS Purchased Pharmaceuticals Bill 2015 - 3 day(s) remaining

    B777 - British Overseas Territories & Crown Dependencies Representation Bill 2015 - 1 day remaining

    B778 - European Union Referendum Bill 2015 - 1 day remaining

    M326 - Irish Referendum Result Motion - 3 day(s) remaining

    VMXX - Motion on Speakership - 1 day remaining
Updated: May 25, 2015
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