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    Model House of Commons Update

    Evening MPs,

    The Liberal Party have withdrawn from the government.
    Please see the Liberal's statement here. A vote of no confidence in the government has also been called.

    We have a new bill and amendment up tonight.

    Two new votes have started: here and here.

    Finally, there is a new set of results below.

    Best wishes,

    B816 - Marriage Equality Act - 5 day(s) remaining

    B815 - Political Education Act - 4 day(s) remaining

    B814 - The Health and Specialist Care Bill 2015 - 3 day(s) remaining

    B813 - Government of London Bill 2015 - 3 day(s) remaining

    B812 - Completion of the Great Repeal Bill 2015 - 2 day(s) remaining

    B811 - Consumer Gift Card Protection Act 2015 - 1 day remaining

    Statement - Beavers Introduction Into The Wild - 4 day(s) remaining

    M337 - Motion of No Confidence in the Government - 3 day(s) remaining

    M336 - Defence Spending Motion - 1 day remaining

    A110 - Constitutional Amendment - 5 day(s) remaining

    A109 - Devolved Institutions Canon Amendment - 3 day(s) remaining

    V809 - Palestine Act - 4 day(s) remaining

    V795 - Electoral Reform (Proportional Representation) Bill 2015 (Second Reading) - 4 day(s) remaining

    V807 - Consumption of Tobacco In Public Houses Bill 2015 - 3 day(s) remaining

    V789 - Fair EU Referendum Bill 2015 (Second Reading)

    Ayes to the right: 38
    Noes to the left: 5
    Abstain: 0

    The Ayes have it! The Ayes have it. Unlock.

    Turnout: 86%

    B810 - National Employment Database Bill 2015 - 7 day(s) remaining

    M335 - Motion to Resolve the African Migrant Crisis - 5 day(s) remaining

    M334 - Motion on the Mediterranean Crisis - 3 day(s) remaining

    B808 - Safe Standing in Football Stadia Bill 2015 - 2 day(s) remaining
Updated: July 5, 2015
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