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The Speaker's Chamber

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    Model House of Commons Update

    Evening MPs,

    We have a new second reading up tonight.
    B853 has gone to vote.
    Finally, two items have entered cessation.

    Best wishes,

    Member of the Month - Voting
    Member of the Month - August 2015: Voting - 3 day(s) remaining

    A116 - Motions of No Confidence Amendment 2015 - 1 day remaining

    B852 - The Divorce (Adultery) Bill 2015 (Second Reading) - 4 day(s) remaining

    B858 - West Lothian Question Bill 2015 - 4 day(s) remaining

    B857 - Representation of the People (Prisoners) Bill 2015 - 2 day(s) remaining

    V853 - Advertisement Statistics Bill 2015 - 4 day(s) remaining

    M341 - University Reform Motion - 3 day(s) remaining

    B856 - Diplomatic Immunity (Revocation) Bill 2015 - 7 day(s) remaining

    A115 - Acting Prime Minister Amendment 2015 - 7 day(s) remaining

    B855 - House of Lords (Reform) Bill 2015 - 6 day(s) remaining

    B854 - Criminal Law (Court Procedure) Bill - 5 day(s) remaining

    B853 - Advertisement Statistics Bill 2015 - 2 day(s) remaining

    Statement of Intent from the Secretary of State for Devolution - 2 day(s) remaining
Updated: August 30, 2015
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