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Queens for Pharmacy?

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    Anybody here at Queens doing Pharmacy?
    How is it?
    Are the staff helpful if you are struggling?
    And supportive?

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    I'm sure Queen Mary is a good university for pharmacy. It has a good reputation for science, so I assume the staff are good
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    I don't think Queen Mary does Pharmacy.
    I was talking about Queen's University, Belfast.
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    queen belfast is consistently top ranked.,........i believe it is active in research as welll....i m an international student........but i dont find ppl discussing it........
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    wat is wrong with queen belfast?belfast is politically stable
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    I know it is consistently top ranked, I was asking what students there thought about it.
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    I go there, and yes, it's really good.
    The course is great and is improving all the time, I know that there have been major changes from when I even first started, including clinical placements from 1st year and so on, which I think is a really good thing.
    The staff are great and there are so many channels of support if you need them.
    Hope this helps.
    Any other questions let me know..
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    So if you are struggling with the course in any way there are people to help you? That is my main concern.
    Is there a large age range on the students there? Because I will most likely be taking a gap year. Will I be older than everyone else?


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