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Boots for grass and astroturf?

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    This might be a silly question, me being a novice, but I've just started playing football and we train on astroturf, play on grass. What boots can you buy that are suitable for both? Maybe ones where you unscrew the studs and then they are suitable for astroturf or do you need to buy two separate pairs?

    Also, can someone reccommend some, either combined ones or separate. I haven't got loads to spend, but I don't want really crappy ones either
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    Great on hard ground... not to brilliant when it's been pissing down though

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    Moulds are a good comprimise, but if you are going to be playing through winter you'll need to take the plunge and buy some Soft Ground boots to play your matches in.

    The other alternative, if you are willing to look after your boot and take the time to adjust them are the f50's which have 3 different stud types that you can change depending on the conditions. You'll have to care for them though.
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    The bloke in the shop advised me on firm ground boots, so I got some predators. Think they were about 40-50 quid - he said they would be alright on astroturf and soft ground unless its pissing it down. Has he told me right? They fit like a glove anyway, can't wait to kick some balls in them!
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    Yeah, he advised you correctly. I use moulds on both astroturf and mainly grass.

    Anything from this Firm Ground range would have been fine. When I was a kid, I remember my father buying me my first pair of Copa Mundials and I was a bit disappointed because they weren't as aesthetically pleasing as some of the Nike boots that were around at that time.

    "If they were good enough for Pele, they're good enough for you. Get 'em on".

    Seldom looked back tbf.
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    Cheers ascient I ended up getting these They seem good for the job anyway... and if the weather gets really wet I'll get a cheap pair of studs
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    (Original post by Reflexive)
    Cheers ascient I ended up getting these They seem good for the job anyway... and if the weather gets really wet I'll get a cheap pair of studs
    Adidas Predators. A solid choice. I think with Adidas you can't go wrong tbh.

    Good luck
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    Decent boots those. I'm after a pair of preds soon for this season.


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Updated: October 9, 2008
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