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Why do you NOT have a a boyfriend/girlfriend?

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    I don't have one because anytime I find a girl who actually likes me at face value, I drive them away due to my various idiosyncrasies :shifty:
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    Because I'm not a gay.
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    Because I'm too ugly :cry:

    Actually its mainly because the few other lesbians round here are taken and/or really ugly. Le sigh.
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    Because no one likes me who I like back.
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    Because I'm very shy.
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    Because I'm focusing on my studies. :proud:

    Cos no one wants me! :cry:

    because im ugly
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    Because I can't be arsed.
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    becasue i am ugly and god nows why, girls don't like me
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    I'm too lazy to fall in love.
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    I think I know why but am not going to go gushing around with deep reasons on the internet - so I'll just say.. not met the right person yet :yep:
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    because I'm a wimp...
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    because I like my own company and am too busy and poor lol
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    Because I don't want one.. at all.
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    becuase the one guy i actually liked, has already been kicked out of uni:p:
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    Because I can only think of one girl I could be arsed even considering trying with...

    And I have too little confidence to bother trying.
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    Can't be arsed - it takes too much effort to keep up with them aswell as friends and work really!
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    I wish I knew! Boohoo...
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    Because I attract very few women, and when I do, I'm too pathetic and scared to seal the deal.

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    because I CBA
    because I have an abrasive and domineering character
    because I'm not THAT attractive
Updated: September 11, 2010
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