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    Claire, 1st year student, starting Diagnostic Radiography at Wrexham campus, living in Wrexham.
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    Pete, 1st year English with Creative Writing student staying in Ffraw Hall
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    Jess-1st year, English with Creative writing!
    Staying in Rathbone oh well!
    Almost a week, guys!!

    EDIT: actually, Rathbone may look like the pits, but it's the best place ever!!
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    Oli - 1st year Geography
    Cefn Y Coed K013
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    (Original post by HughMungus)
    Pete, 1st year English with Creative Writing student staying in Ffraw Hall
    Which floor in Ffraw? I'm on the second floor
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    (Original post by Hravan)
    Which floor in Ffraw? I'm on the second floor
    Ground x
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    Hi, I'm Vincent. I'm a first year studying psychology and staying in Garth until I can try and get a transfer. :hi:

    EDIT: screw the transfer, I love Garth!
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    Hey, I'm Joe, 2nd year studying history, living in rented accomod in upper bangor, spent my first year at normal site!
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    Hey, can anyone give me directions to lloyd lounge/ lloyd building? Preferably from Garth/ Rathbone if anyone knows them from there.
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    Hey! dont know if this is new (2011) but just incase....

    Krissie Leyland/ Kristina Leyland,

    Health and Social Care, I live in Gyffin,next to Conwy

    If anyone else is doing health and social care this year, msg me or if doing any social science? Orrrr in Wakeboarding club!

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    Can't remember if I've posted on here.

    Charlie, 3rd year criminology & criminal justice
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    I'm a 2nd year doing Geological Oceanography, living opposite Paddy's next year.
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    you can add me to english, starting this year, living in Reichel. My name's TOm
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    3rd Year, studying Geological Oceanography, living in Arfon, Normal Site.
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    First year criminology and criminal justice here
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    I'm a 2013 BSc Zoology graduate. Any questions about biological sciences let me know!
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    Hey! I'm a 3rd year Chemistry student living on Orme Road


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