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Under 18 raves/clubs in London

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    Anyone know any good under 18 events in the London area. Cant seem to find any at all :mad:. Especially for the new year period, cannot be stuck at home for another year.

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    I'm going to watch this, need to get out somewhere!
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    I would've thought that SEOne have something good on.
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    Good and Under 18 don't fit in the same sentence, just try getting into places that are over 18.
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    (Original post by fire2burn)
    Good and Under 18 don't fit in the same sentence, just try getting into places that are over 18.
    Most places in London are 21's and over anyway. I imagine it must be dead difficult to get in somewhere in London on NYE with no ID. I do agree though, under 18's events are usually rubbish. Throw a house party!
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    I am not really bothered about the 'good' part lool. Anywhere will do me, at least so I can try for myself if I like it or not
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    You're unlikely to find anywhere catering for under 18s on the busiest night of the year. Just go to a house party and get ********. NYE is the most overrated night of the year.
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    the red star in camberwell is a bit ****, but they never ask for id.


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Updated: November 2, 2008
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