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Southampton Uni chat thread

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    Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.
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    p.s Cloop is a scranny.

    That's tramps for you lower mortals who do not know :proud:
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    well, i'm a ghost in a box. which for you lower mortals who don't know, is a ghost, in a box.
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    While i remember, here's a photo

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    don't worry, i AM wearing shorts...
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    PM me too
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    Hahah what a crazy costume, bet it is cold.

    I am going to freeeeeeeeeeezzzeee in my outfit.
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    (Original post by makinghistory)
    Hahah what a crazy costume, bet it is cold.

    I am going to freeeeeeeeeeezzzeee in my outfit.
    i was wearing it at half 3 this morning outside 'Q Burger' at Glen Bar. good job i seem to be perseverent against the cold, as well as immune to it. i wore a paper-thin shirt to Oceana the first time i went and was hugging people outside to warm them up, even though they were already wearing like 3 or 4 layers :p:
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    wow consider yourself lucky! its so damn cold, no matter how many layers i wear im always freezing! last night was ice cold! i was literally crying from how cold i was!
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    My outfit for yesterday =D
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    i did see you then :p:

    i won't be going to the badminton social any more, but i will still be working my stuff at the Cube :yep:
    Should be there just after 9, written my name and TSR on the back of my outfit so you don't miss me :p:
    See you theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere
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    Oliver i'm scared!

    Ahhh guys i'm so excited. I am going to look likea complete skank. It's nuff good yo.

    Bare love!
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    (Original post by cloop)
    Oliver i'm scared!

    Ahhh guys i'm so excited. I am going to look likea complete skank. It's nuff good yo.

    Bare love!
    Cah, told you once already, i'm wearing shorts! :rolleyes:
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    Cloop et Jtm what time are you going??

    I am going to have blue and red hair. Oh yes. I am hot stuff.

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    getting the ten oclock. et toi?? come ours before! yay x
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    T-shirt ninja wasn't the best idea, felt like I was breathing through a radiator.

    Met makinghistory tonight and she was waaaaaaasted :P. Some girl said hi to me on the stairs so if it's one of you lot then say because I have no idea who it is or how she knew my name haha.
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    ahaha emma you drunkard

    (nearly wrote the p word that has the same meaning if you put head after it, but i don't want no criminal record)
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    it was great to finally meet you Chlo (and carrotboy)
    my outfit didn't last very long :p:

    and yes i did understand your accent, nice and Northern. i've had to get used to someone from Halifax speaking so it wasn't an issue.

    i had FAR too much to drink, i was absolutely hammered. First time i've vomited since i was about 5
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    Ahaha Krish, i'm sorry for dragging you to meet some of the TSR crew! Even though I know you love it really, under all that icy exterior ;-)

    It was nice to meet you too Marcus!
    I don't know what I said, it was probably very stupid, so for that I apologise!

    What did peeps think of the night?



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