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Two minute presentation on ANYTHING?!

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    I have to do a 2min presentation for an AC for a consulting role and was told it can be "absolutely anything" even a time you tied your own shoe lace!

    I havent a clue what to talk about, shud i mention a business case study, something about myself etc??

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    Just do it through the medium of dance and they'll love you forever
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    It's obviously your presentation skills they're looking for, rather than the actual content.
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    My dad had to do something like this in order to teach people to give good presentations. He did his on taking on the three peaks walk and it went down very well despite the actual subject not being overly interesting.
    He worked humour into his though so I suppose unless your confident in your abilities to amuse people it may not be suitable considering your aim is to actually get the job :p:
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    Can you do any magic tricks?

    Oh, I know, talk about how they're all an illusion because it's all in your head and none of them really exist because you made them up. That should creep them out- my old maths teacher used to do it to us.
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    Just do it on something you can talk passionately about for 2 minutes, a hobby or something.
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    mmm just gona keep it simple and talk abt a charity i helped create and was invited to downing street for! suggestions of magic tricks etc wud go down too well!!
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    When you learnt to ride a bicycle! With good descriptive language, you can have the audience tranced, finish it with a dramatic finish! (crashed into a tree, broke your knee )
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    iv prepared a speech abt charity work bt it sounds like a standard competency based interview answer, when in fact this presentation will be in front of the whole group/ac antendees as well as hr ppl.
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    Why don't you do something which is of great interest to you? . . .ie hobby . .

    When I had this same sorta thing at college many moons ago, I did my presentation on Dancing, as that means a lot to me, ie hobby since I was 4 years old.
    I found doing this, I was comfortable talking to my audience and I knew what I was talking about. I also bought in my Pointe shoes as a visaul aid as the people in my class had never seen a pair of Pointe shoes, really did get the class gripped on what I was talking about.

    That is what I would do OP

    Good Luck
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    Does two minutes seem incrediably short to anyone else?


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Updated: October 18, 2008
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