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Has anyone got any offers for Hist...

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    ...from KCL or Bristol? (asking for a friend). Thanks
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    I think one of my mates has Bristol, but I might be wrong...
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    yeah a friend of mine who got rejected from oxford got an offer of EE from kcl
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    Me and two of my friends haven't heard yet for hist at bristol
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    yeah i got ABB offer for L a w in xmas. i'm sure news is imminent 4 ya..

    best wishes
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    i know someone with a KCL one (i think). dont know anyone who has even applied for bristol.
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    Just got an offer for Bristol! wooh.
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    (Original post by Doolally)
    Just got an offer for Bristol! wooh.
    i still haven't heard anything from them at all!
Updated: January 28, 2005
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