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History of Art 2009

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    a wheatfield with cypresses by Vincent Van Gogh!!
    I figured it was the first painting as far as i can remember which really left me in total confusion and awe...first time i thought wow....this is more than just colour or a pretty picture...this is deep!
    so yeah, otherwise i might have gone with Rothko, or Michelangelo (to seem really cultured)! Alas i'm settled with my decision!!
    Any thoughts on yours Lowkesa?
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    yeah I kept thinking they were going to ask me about movements - so I went through practically everything I could - including dates - which turned out completely useless lol.
    Another girl who was there said they asked her what was she planning after doing a BA there. They didn't thankfully ask me that.. but you might want to have a think about that - coz that wouldv completely got me.
    Hope I helped.
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    Oh you did!
    And i always think way to much about the future so i have a fair idea what my plans are for now... knowing me they will probably change a gazillion times over but right now....i'm set on at first doing a TEFL course and travelling to Cuba and teaching english and HoA at one of the most prestigious art schools in South America! The San Alejandro School of Art! And then maybe travel around teaching for a while longer!
    And then coming back and working in curating or something! So many plans.....all banking on the Courtauld!
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    WOW i am impressed!! You bring the word 'plan' to its fullest meaning! I havent really thought of anything further than finishing a BA in History of art... i feel so unorganized compared to you now. ahh well, i'll figure it out along the way - that's my plan :P
    Ohh and i'm studying your favourite painting in History of Art at the moment. We're finishing Van Gogh at the moment - i can see why it's such a great one to talk about - especially when you take his life into consideration!
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    Hi, my name is India. I think we may have met at the Courtauld open day? It was your talk of Cuba above that triggered the memory : D How's it going?

    Has anyone else got a interview at UCL on 28th Jan?
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    Oh my gosh!
    India!! I totally remember you!!! You were keeping me calm when i was totally freaking out!!! Yes many people remember me by my cuba talk! I'm slightly obsessed!!!!
    And Me30! Don't worry like i said, it'll probably change a gazillion times over....i'm terribly indecisive!!!! And here's a plus....you already have a conditional place!!!!! So i'm the one who should be fretting!!!
    Yeah it is a fantastic painting! And my art teacher gave me some very interesting facts about the place too...he said he painted there once before and the place was famous for its strong wind! And said he found it nearly impossible to paint there...so is amazed how Van Gogh did it!
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    (Original post by Jassameen)
    Any thoughts on yours Lowkesa?
    I'm writing this section on my questionnaire, and it's reallyyy difficult. Went to a place called 'Les Hospices de Beaune' in Burgundy, a couple of years ago, and saw a huuuge polyptych by a Dutch artist called Rogier Van Der Weyden from the 15th Century. Didn't really know a whole lot about medieval art (and still don't!) but I had the same feeling as you then, when I thought 'this really matters!'.. The term 'the power of art' gets banded about a lot but it was one of the first times I really appreciated what it meant. So that's going in. Other than that I can't pin anything down. humph. Out of the stuff I'm interested in it's really hard to differentiate.. But this is a whole different thread in itself! So I'll keep my mouth firmly shut.
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    Hey guys - quick question: when did you guys send the questionnaire to Courtauld and how long after did you get a invitation to interview? I'm getting really worried, because they should have recieved mine a month ago and I still haven't heard anything. Did you recieve the invitations by letter or email?
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    Hellooo there!
    Yes i received mine by post and email! I got it roughly a month after, but they do take their time, so don't worry about it!
    And Lowkesa....i found it really hard to pick mine out too, i didn't write about Van Gogh in my piece but that is my fav....i've got rothko and a whole load of architecture in my thing!! And that sounds very cool by the way!
    Good luck both of you!
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    Whoop you too, not long now is it? The 21st? Best of luck!
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    I just had a practice interview with my art teacher! He actually knows everything.....i am in awe...i mean i know he's good....but bloody hell...he knows like the whole history of the courtauld!!!
    Tis madness!!! But i'm still freaking out, even though he's been telling me to calm down!!
    When are you sending your stuff off Lowkesa??
    Good luck to you toooo!!!!!!
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    Jassameen i didnt know about the fact that it was so windy that it's a miracle how he even painted it - that's really interesting! i'm going to pass that on to my HoA teacher!
    How did your mock interview go? I found mock interviews the worst!!!! I actually could not talk and went into a spasm repeating words like "literally", "basically" and "stuff" - it was a crisis... i thought i was a complete gonner.. but the real thing was waay more calming for some weird reason. So don't worry about it!
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    Ha ha!
    Yeah it went quite well! Only cause i'm totally relaxed around my art teacher and then the smell of oil paint relaxes me even further....ha ha....it is a very nice smell!!!
    He filled me in on some movements, asked me about some famous and random paintings! Even did Aztec art with me! Then ended up getting into a discussion with me over the pieces of art! So it was okay...but then he said to me...will you get freaked out when you walk into that room....my answer: most probably.....WOMAN DON'T! You are far better when you're totally relaxed and come out with stuff not even i ever thought off and i've been teaching art and art history for well over 40 years....so my hope is that they'll have open oil paints in the room- but i don't know what the chances of that are!!!!
    On the up hand...i got a whole two days worth of authorised absence to prepare for the interview! JOY!
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    I thought it was only me who loves that smell!! hahaha - oil paints and wood-chippings... they are my weaknesses. haha!
    Sad to inform you, but when i had my interview - none of the above where in the room. Sorry to burst your bubble... But you sound like you really know your stuff - so i'm sure you'll be fine without the paint!
    I found talking to strangers far less daunting then making a fool of myself in front of my teacher... i suppose because if i failed at the University - i would never have to see them again, whereas my teacher would always remember my stupidity and my presence in the classroom would always be a reminder of that haha!
    Wow - 2 days!!! How come? I got no days off
    ... jealous...
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    Ha ha, being a teachers pet does have its perks! I just went up to my head of year and was like, miss can you authorise my absence i have the most important interview of my life coming up...she smiled and said what are you doing? I said reading, talking to Mr Davies (art teacher), her response: all the right things, yes i will! Yay!
    Urgh i'm feeling like total ***** now! Just the thing i need before my exams- my football team to draw (might as well have been a loss) against one of our greatest rivals! But thats detracting from this thread- i'll vent else where!
    And thats a huge bummer! Wood chippings are sweet too!! Alas i'll have to smuggle some in!! They'll never know!
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    What's the deal for the UCL interviews .. any idea how they format theirs please? thanks C
    (not around much as loads of prep but will be back for the reply - cheers)
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    Wow... so it seems like most (if not everyone) here have some formal trainning in HoA or art huh...*panics*

    During the UCL interview I'll probably just gape at the picture they give me and go "uuhhh... wow... really nice picture you've got there. What is it about?" No matter what they say, I think having some solid background in art and HoA really helps. Well, good luck everyone...

    I hope Courtauld replies to me soon. ): I have a strong feeling I'm rejected.
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    jassameen - haha you are sooo like me - only you have a legitimate reason... i abuse my position as a teachers pet to great extents - have managed to skip lessons to do 'coursework' for a different subject which i'd already completed - and then have gone with friends to play pool in our common room.. ahh, good times.. haha.
    What team do you support? - (i'll pretend like i have vague knowledge of football... which i lack) haha.
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    I like your thinking Me30! Skipping lessons, abusing teachers pet position...done it before!!! I've skipped various English lit classes cause my teacher is just amazingly dry! And gotten away with it- touch wood i continue to do so! My teacher even brought it up with my mum at parents evening....but my sixth form and form teacher cleared me! i'm terrible!!!
    I'm an avid Pool supporter...Pool being Liverpool! I will have to fill you in on the greatest and most beautiful game known to man! Rule No.1: SUPPORT LIVERPOOL....more will follow!
    And as for Pool the game...i'm so terrible at it, it actually hurts! I just end up chilling in the common room talking to friends...playing card games like old people and eating! Its all good! Or going to the art rooms which is equally fun!
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    What are people wearing for their interviews?


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