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What are the roles of membranes at the surface of cells and within cells?

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    This question came up and at the top it said Fig. 2.1 represents the structure of the plasma (cell surface) membrane.

    Since it's a 9 mark question, how do I structure it for a good answer and what is a good answer for this question?

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    Whats the question word for word. And are there any marks available for spelling+grammar?
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    The actual question goes like this..
    b) In this question, one mark is available for the quality of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

    Outline the roles of membranes at the surface of cells and within cells.
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    As soon as you see that you must start writing in full sentences. I havnt seen the mark scheme... But i'm guessing you only need to give 2-3 reasons, and the rest of the marks will come from hitting keywords.
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    Well what can you tell us about membranes ? What is their importance ?, why is it important for membranes within cells ?

    Think about each part of the question. Start writing down, 9 specific and exclusively distinctive facts that are relevant to the question. It might be necessary for you to explain what the membrane is composed of and then work from there.
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    There is really a distinct structure like in an essay absed subjetc, that sin't what they're testing. They just simply want you communicate the answer in sentences.

    The Above advice is very good....Be specific and distinct in the facts you write down.
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    Good advice for these questions, and also for synoptic: Roughly the number of marks available corresponds to the number of points you have to make.
    Briefly make 9 good specific points about function of plasma membranes, and form them into sentences. If you're doing synoptic, just take this one step further by arranging them into paragraphs you can link together.


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Updated: October 25, 2008
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