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Wearing makeup without foundation?

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    Quick makeup question for the girls!

    I absolutely hate wearing foundation because it makes me face feel so weird but its so damn useful in hiding my undereye bags! Do any of you skip out on the foundation? How do you wear your makeup without it?

    I need tips argh!

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    Just whack a bit of concealer on to cover panda eyes. No foundation needed.
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    whenever I have foundation on i Feel like I've got six feet of makeup on my face. concealer's good enough
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    I rarely wear foundation - only when I go on a night out.

    Erm just use concealer on yer bags. For me, I don't use much, well powder and blusher basically - not too much of each either. Just give me a bit of colour and all.
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    I never used to wear foundation, as I didnt need it, just the odd bit of concealer to cover up dark circles etc and some blusher for some colour. But skin has decided to die lately so I wear foundation
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    I never wear foundation, it makes my face feel like it is being hidden behind layers of paint.

    Dab of concealer to cover up any eye bags, and then a dash of powder to give my face some colour.

    Whack some mascara on and we're ready to go.
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    wear no.7 pearls instead.
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    I don't wear foundation, last time I did was at Prom and I felt really self-conscious because it felt like I was wearing WAY too much Normally I just do my eyes now
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    Thank you all! I'll defo give that a try! =D
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    I wear concealer, set with powder rather than conventional foundation and find it works fine, looks much more natural for me.
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    foundation isn't necessary for other make up... u can still put it on without it looking bad

    for under eyes just use some good concealer
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    Like everyone said
    Concealer concealer!!!

    But also, instead of trying liquid foundations, why not try the Maybelline Dream Matt Mousse Foundation, you can get it in any shop really, and it's much lighter on your skin.
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    I think it's all down to the type of foundation you use. I've used liquid ones in the past and they feel vile, exactly how you've all described. I se benefit some kind of gorgeous and it's really light - you can't feel it on and, say, I can still see my freckles through it, but it gives you a nie even coverage. Either something like that or a tited moisturiser maybe?
    I think you just have to experiment and see what's right for you.
    If you naturally really nice complexion then you probably don't need anything - maybe just a good moisturiser or a primer.
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    Have you thought about using foundation powder? I use this: http://shop.virginvieathome.com/prod...3&level2Id=681

    I think its really good because it doesn't look caked on like normal foundation, but it gives a bit more coverage than just powder, and best of all it only take a second to apply!

    I use this, along with concealer under my eyes, and then just mascara and I'm done!
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    Yeah it is a liquid foundation I havebeen using so maybe thats why it feels so gross. I reckon ill have a look around and see if i can find something new to try like some of the stuff you all have mentioned. My skin isnt too bad but its nice to have a bit of back up lol.
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    I don't use foundation that much - only if I really need to look 'made up'. For college etc I don't bother, I just put on a bit of eyeliner & concealer
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    just spend more money on your foundation (nothing below £10 unless its on offer or something), with foundation you tend to get what you pay for.

    Please don't use dream matte mousse. drys skin right out and goes patchy
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