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How many hours a week is recommended for A Level?

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    (Original post by nothingspek)
    They always plug the 15 hours a week outside of class rule. But I rarely do more than 1.
    same with me mate, i just coast my way through my school years and frantically revise at the last minute.

    works a treat every time.... :yep: :yep: :yep:
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    I work lunch times and free periods to get it all out the way soi can chill in the evenings. Thats 10 hours overal on weekdays, about 3ish hours over weekend. Seriously those putting in more than 15 hours a week need to get some perspective. :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by kiss__this_x)
    So about an hour on each subject every night? Unless you do half an hour on each subject Monday-Friday then do longer on the weekend.

    Has anyone started seriously revising/working outside of lessons now?
    I'm busy making notes from textbooks, class notes etc combined. I'm sick of rooting around in different books for all the info in exam time. Helps me revise too.

    You don't have to kill yourself to get an A, but keeping on top of things is essential.
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    all day everyday if u want As
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    our school says 40, so 15 outside of school

    i do about 3 lol =]
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    (Original post by Jon7)
    Yeah, 6-8 hours of work outside class should be sufficient per topic in A level.
    Per topic? :eek:

    Oh, paaah-LEASE. I don't even spend that much time, sleeping let alone, studying.
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    (Original post by fox_amro)
    Whatever you feel comfortable with i don't think i've ever done more than 2 hours a day in my life.
    Yep, me too.
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    So that's on average about 9 hours a day study for 3 A-levels...
    Does that include class time?
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    I did about 1 hour a week for Physics, if that. It'll be fine. Got an A. :dontknow:
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    I need to do much more.
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    It depends on ther person doesn't it. Some people get away with minimal whereas others doa lot more to get what they want/need. We were told to do the just over 4 hours too for each subject. I need a lot more somehow especialy with resits in january.
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    I do a maximum of about 1 hour of homework a night (but not every night) during the week, and about the same at weekends. And usually the same again during free periods. I never spend any more time on work than I have to, i.e. I don't do 'independent study' that isn't related to what we've already done in class.
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    About the same in class as outside of class.

    In my case - Triple maths (AM) - Means 3 hours after school on hw. Although I generally do a bit more to really understand everything. I have a very strong work ethic, which my friends hate me for - you know - "oh, we've all got homework, come out for a bit". No. I want an A thanks. I can see so many people that are going to get a U/E in my year.

    so yeah, Time in school = time outside school. About 20-25 hours/week.
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    (Original post by furry747)
    About 20-25 hours/week.
    LOL :rolleyes: Any need?
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    this is a hard one. different people are different i guess. some of the most cleverest people i know did about 4 hours per subject per week (and these people got into places like oxbridge/imperial). i personally didnt do any revision til a month before my exams, and even then i didnt even have any notes (lol im a lazy git, couldnt ever be asked making any). i just used any revision books i could get my hands on.
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    with me it depends on what subject it is- i dont really have set hours of work/revision, i just do it until i understand it fully and make sure i'll be able to remember it in the exam- which is what counts really
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    (Original post by Keoje)
    I'm currently doing 55 hours a week outside College.

    Not really :ninja:
    How many courses are you taking and how do you manage 55?

    Thanks xx

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    in Egypt ..... and you know that Egypt is a backward country ...
    students in grade 12 study 11 hours per day ( 77 hour per week )

    don't insult me ..i just told what i know ...

    i think only dummies stupids idiots study that much to compensate for the lack of intelligence

    i am studying A level math and i think 6 hours a week is very very very good ( an hour each day except Sunday)
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    I did like 5 minutes work a week per subject. I managed.
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    Well my Chemistry teacher always tells the class that you should be aiming to do 4 hours of study at home every week. In order to keep up with the work and to achieve the best grade you are capable of getting


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