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Good Human Resources Graduate Schemes...

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    I was just wondering what good Human Resouces graduate schemes are out there...?

    So far I have come across BAE, which seem to have a good scheme, but there are so many out there, but trying to narrow it down to specific good ones.

    Recommendations and input much appreciated. Will +rep when I get the chance.

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    Have you taken a look at the list of 100 top graduate employers?

    I have been looking at grad schemes and an awful lot of the companies offer HR positions.

    Some HR jobs, http://www.top100graduateemployers.c...Resources.html!edcaefX
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    I was looking at these last year and Lloyds TSB seem to do quite a good one, I think there's was one of the best. I also looked at Fujitsu, Siemens, BT and the NHS. They all seem to offer good training and sound quite interesting. I've just applied for the BAE Systems and the Marks and Spencer one and both of those look good too.

    Depends what you mean by good though. I've had problems because of location as there aren't many HR schemes based in the North West which is where i'm looking.
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    Thanks both of you above for your input!

    Location wise, I am not really fussed, I am quite flexible and have been so far, with university and placements, etc, so relocation isnt a problem for me, and by "good" I mean, somewhere where they will be actually willing to develop you and care about you.

    Many places I have heard and seen that just take you on board, and drop you in a project or assignment, and expect you to do things straight away, without any sort of proper training, introductions, etc. If that makes sense.
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Updated: November 25, 2008
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