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Do you have a SEX BUDDY

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    Just wondering if anyone has a regular sex buddy ? just have sex with them when you want ?

    i have met one through the normal channels of bars and clubs and i have met 2 through a website i joined- iam just oversexed ha ha but hey who isnt

    Is it ok to have a sex buddy ??? (i know its ok with me lol) - and i do practice safe sex everytime.
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    Have my boyfriend, sex on tap whenever i want it
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    i think it's sleazy and quite rank. but whatever works for you.

    id rather go without sex than have meaningless flings
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    I did have one, sort of. It got kinda complicated.
    Though, we didn't have sex.. just like, oral sex..
    so haha I suppose no then?
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    no I DON'T.

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    iam just oversexed ha ha but hey who isnt
    Honestly? I'm not. >_>
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    In all honesty...I'm not getting anything deeper, so I'm starting to consider it!
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    i do....and it works be fair we are at the point between sex buddies and having a relationship but both of us are very we meet half way.
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    (Original post by SiaSiaSia)
    I did have one, sort of. It got kinda complicated.
    Though, we didn't have sex.. just like, oral sex..
    so haha I suppose no then?
    Sounds similar to what I have! But he's far away at uni now, and I'm further away in the holidays, so it doesn't quite work on demand - it's like, let's plan a month in advance to take advantage of cheap train tickets.

    And complications - I have learnt that as long as I wrap my heart in iron, I'm ok

    I did. Fell in love with him. Baaaad story :P
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    I don't currently have one, although I want a few (for variety). I prefer that arrangement to an actual relationship as it more suits my needs.

    I use to however things got complicated, he got a mousse of a GF and I got bored of him tbh.

    Its a reason why im single because I get bored of the blokes I get with, however I don't sleep around or anything like that. I haven't had any sexual contact with a bloke for over a year . . . .

    Im just happy to plod along with uni and wait for a decent bloke to come along (one who will appreciate my muff a lot more) :laugh:
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    Up until last month, yes: I didn't want a relationship, and she's since found someone who does.
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    meh, no
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    Stop asking for links and stop with the spam, thanks.
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    Yes, my hand.
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    I would never admit to it on here! I don't think it's wrong or especially right but it's definitely private and people have every right to only disclose that kind of information anonymously. Just because you want to keep your private life private on a forum that after all anyone can read doesn't mean you're not okay with what you do behind closed doors.

    i don't at the moment, but i have done before.
    i don't think its a bad thing if you both understand that its just sex.
    its when like me, you start to fall in love with the person that becomes the problem
    ah well.
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    Nope, I prefer to love em' and leave em'

    I guess it could be OK but I find it hard to imagine feelings don't get involved for one of the two, but with one night stands everyone knows where they stand (so to speak :p: ) Though I guess I've had sex with the same girl a few times without being in any relationship but that's just it happening a few times, nothing pre-arranged or anything.


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