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Dyeing black hair

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    So I was wondering, does it actually work if I buy shop-bought hair dyes for dying black hair? I want to go for a chocolatey dark-brown kind of colour but I heard rumours that it's always harder to colour your hair a lighter colour than it naturally is.

    Someone prove the rumour wrong?
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    hmmm... i dont know, but id like to know the answer to that aswell. been thinking of dong that for some time now
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    my hair is black and I've successfully done it after several tries!! I used the garnier super red hot colour to get my hair to go a chestnut colour.
    Basically, if you have black hair then you should go for the dye that is super hot in that colour coz only THEN will it show up in your hair (from my experience anyway)
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    yeah use blonde pre lightener, if you dont want to strip out your hair/bleach.....

    This will make your hair turn orangy/golden, kind of like a dark/dirty blonde, then you could just let it darken naturally over a couple of weeks (for some reason if u wash it everyday, twice a day or something the blonde will darken anyway)... or dye it light brown.

    Otherwise it doesn't really show up if you just put brown stright into it..
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    The only way i could dye over black hair was to bleach/pre lighten first.

    I was black for about 2 years so i tried everything to dye over it. The only colours that actually worked were black/blue and black/red
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    I have black hair, use Loreal Feria ... you don't have to bleach your hair from before hand either since that can be damaging ... Feria is REAAAAAALLY good, I've even used their reds and had that color shown up! You can get it at Boots for around £5? Its a bit expensive but a life saver for those with darker hair :yep:
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    You may struggle if you want to dye your hair a shade lighter than your natural colour - for this, you'd have to have it lightened, which is effectively bleaching.

    To go from natural black to chocolate brown, you'll have a job, tbh. If you want a reddy colour, then you're more likely to get a reddish hue from a red dye than a brown one from a brown dye - the brown probably won't show up at all, but the red will in certain lighting (natural daylight etc).
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    Don't do it. It'll look awful as soon as you get any roots and I can guarantee you'll get bored of touching it up every couple of weeks.
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    I've dyed my hair brown using Feria and it shows ... Feria lightens while it colors but its not as damaging to your hair :nah:

    OP I think you should REALLY give it a try! I'm telling you, it works :yep:
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    My friend who has black hair has a lot of trouble getting dyes to show up. I'd say probably get something with quite a lot of bleach in.
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    Haha thansk guys.... black hair, not the easiest to dye then....


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