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S2 Mark Schemes

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    Can anyone tell me where to get S2 Mark schemes for Edexcel papers?

    Ive got it next tuesday and would really appreciate it if someone could tell me where to get them

    If anyone has them on their computer, could you please please PM me so we can get in touch and send them to me.

    I really need to do well on S2 so please if any1 has mark schemes let me know!
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    u need to say which u need. Edexcel or Solomon press?
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    edexcel mark schemes
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    ReputationRep: should have them
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    they only have 2001 and 2002
    i specifically need Jan 03, June 03 and Jan 04
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    (Original post by cherc2005)
    they only have 2001 and 2002
    i specifically need Jan 03, June 03 and Jan 04
    i have june and jan 03. PM me your email address and ill send them u. im redoing my past paper website. n s2 not on there yet.
Updated: January 19, 2005
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