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A more formal way of saying "you guys"

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    For example in an interview you wish to ask the whole panel of interviewers a general question.

    I would say "I was wondering if you guys xyznmns??", however, the refering to the panel as "you guys" seems rather uncomfortable and a shade to informal for the setting.

    Can any of you guys:yep: :nah: come up with more suitable alternatives>
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    Just "you" without the guys is perfectly acceptable.
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    How about just "you"?

    You don't need to put "guys" on the end to make it plural...
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    "I was wondering if any of you xyzmns..."
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    (Original post by LH123)
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    (Original post by IntensityIntegrityIntell)
    Kurt Angle's a dick. It was great.
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    Lol if you come from Liverpool it would be 'Use' :P
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    Homies. For definite.
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    say "boys" with a lisp and a limp wrist

    that'll go over well
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    (Original post by RedRiotRoses)
    Homies. For definite.
    You mean, fo' sure.
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    "Alright, you gashes"
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    (Original post by IntensityIntegrityIntell)
    Got there before me.

    Come gentlemen.
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    (Original post by LH123)
    You mean, fo' sure.
    you mean fo sho mofo
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    (Original post by gamer91)
    you mean fo sho mofo
    No, I am a perfectly literate and coherently speaking gangster.
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    as Snoop Dogg would say

    "fo shizzle my nizzle"
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    say 'so how about you beezniches'
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    What have I started? :emo:
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    if you're from northern ireland it would be more likely youse'uns (u-z-uns)


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Updated: November 6, 2008
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