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    Welcome to the Media and Research Opportunities forum. The forum is for people (students, researchers, journalists etc) or groups (production companies, newspapers etc) to ask for people to get in touch to help with their research, to be interviewed for news stories or to take part in TV shows.

    How do I use this forum (creating threads and thread approvals)?

    If you have a message for our site members, you will first need to register if you haven't already. Then please make a new thread in this forum.

    All new threads are pre-moderated. This means they will be looked at by a moderator before they appear on the site. Please be patient when posting - it could take several hours for messages to be processed. So please don't attempt to re-post or create another thread when you don't see your thread in the forum.

    If your message is unsuitable then it will not be allowed in to the forum. If your thread has not appeared and you are not sure why, please don't repost it but post in Ask A Moderator where a moderator will be able to advise you. If you need more respondents in a thread that has already been posted, please gently bump the thread - do not make an entirely new thread on the topic.

    Do you have any examples of what is and isn't allowed?

    If you think you might have something to post in the forum, here are a few examples of what is and isn't allowed in here to check against.

    Things which are allowed:
    • A journalist writing an article on student money and looking for people interview.
    • A researcher looking for people off to study in the US who want to be followed for a new documentary
    • A student doing research on parcel delivery and gives a links to a questionnaire

    If your survey has a very specific target audience, you may find it appropriate to post it in the most relevant forum elsewhere on The Student Room, but if your survey can be answered by a wide audience then it should be posted in this forum. Please do not cross-post your survey across multiple forums on this site.

    Things which are not allowed:
    • Threads advertising things – such as the promotion of a new TV programme, book or product.
    • Competitions in which the main aim is to promote a product or service. For corporate research on The Student Room, please look here.
    • Research or surveys which the only aim is market research for a company or product.
    • Anything which would be against the site rules or unsafe for site members.

    If you are a representative from an organisation (for example, any TV production company or newspaper), any email addresses provided must be official company addresses - no personal email addresses (@hotmail.co.uk, @gmail.com etc.) will be approved.

    If in doubt you can always ask first in the Ask a Moderator forum.

    What should my message be like?

    The messages should be fairly short – a couple of paragraphs long and should only really contain contact details – name, phone numbers, email address and perhaps a link to more info/online contact form. The wording shouldn't sound like advertising or promotion, but a genuine ask for help/people to get in touch.

    Finally the best of luck to anyone using this forum - we hope you manage to get plenty of people responding to you.
Updated: November 5, 2008
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