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    Draco :sexface:
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    the weasley twins!
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    Snape and Bellatrix without a shadow of a doubt.

    For absolutely insanity and pure sexiness, there's no arguments in my opinion
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    Snape. I actually cried like a baby when all was revealed in the seventh book :cry2:

    I also have to say that I love the young James and Sirius, they have such a sweet bromance going on :awesome:
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    (Original post by chikane)
    Draco Malfoy, he's just really interesting and a badboy
    But... he's a pussy.
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    Definitely Snape. He had suffered and given up so much just because of his (unrequited) love for Lily. The Prince's Tale chapter in DH just tore me apart. Also, Alan Rickman's portrayal of him is brilliant in the films. So yeah, always Snape.
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    Gotta be Xenophilius Lovegood. Only the best character ever!
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    the weasley twins
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    (Original post by The Dynamic Uno)
    But... he's a pussy.
    :erm: Ignoring the last 3 books, i found him interesting, i always love evil people in books. I cant stand harry though found him boring
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    (Original post by laureng492)
    Remus Lupin! So disappointed he didn't have a lot of development in the films after No. 3. I also love Tonks and Sirius. I cried in the cinema when he died
    Lol are we the same person? 3 favourite characters right there.

    Arthur Weasley is probably #4, he's so awesome. And McGonagall. And Dumbledore, Snape, all of the other Weasley's etc.
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    (Original post by Reformed2010)
    Severus Snape. The most complex, three dimensional character in the franchise in my view. His the only one that went through all the emotions and tribulations of a human would. He hated James but was jealous of the relationship he had with Lily. He adored and loved Lily. He put his faith in a man, Voldemort. Only to overcome this by realising what it would cost him, in the end Lilly. There he went through a life changing moment and realised his true path was on the path fighting evil. He put his faith in Dumbledore showing remorse he begged for forgiveness. He agonised with being asked to kill one of his most trusted friend, but remained loyal right till the end. Faced further hatred from everyone who thought he was good but had now turned evil. Acted as a double agent for the side of good and double crossed the second most powerful wizard of all time. Not only did he die the bravest man of the entire series. But year after year he saved the son of a man he hated without once complaining about it, or letting the hate Harry showed him waver in his mission. That right there, is a self less man!

    Selfless Severus Snape, the bravest wizard of his time. :cry2:
    :eek: beautiful! I was going to say Sirius or Snape but after reading that I remembered all the crap Snape went through. Changed my mind, Snape wins it, his such a tragic hero. Which is the type of hero I love, hence my initial choice in Sirius. Both died unknown champions of good.

    Snape for me, followed closely by Sirius!
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    (Original post by mikeylawson)
    Neville Longbottom. Proper hero and he isn't moody like Harry.
    Neville all the way!
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    Fred and George, I loved their final stunt to annoy Umbridge before they left Hogwarts
    Ron and Snape <3
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    (Original post by RoseRequiem)
    Loony Lovegood, fabulous!
    ... And in the movie she's fit.
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    Snape. In the films it's Ron though, purely because I fancy Rupert Grint.
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    Snape as he has the most layers/ is the most complex. But Dobby for when he goes badass.
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    Since we're not allowed to choose the D-word, I'll go with Hermione :love: Normally in fantasy, you get a group of guys and you get "the girl" who has the most boring and simplistic character ever (normally "I am pretty and get captured a lot" or "I am a woman who can use a sword") but Hermione is not only bossy, NOT stunningly attractive and the cleverest of them all but she is never ever the damsel in distress.

    Snape comes pretty damn close though. I also have a soft spot for Stan Shunpike.


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