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Ultimate online supplements' discount codes thread.

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    Anyone looking for the discount code has a choice of members to give a referrer's bonus to - all give the same 5% off, but your order gives the referrer a monetary bonus so for the system to work please pick a code on merit.

    A central resource means that we can all stop disclaimering our codes after every post and spamming up the place more than we do already. Moreover, such advertising is frowned upon by the site rules. Fun as spamming is, we all know the ideal is to keep that to H&R and leave this shiny nice forum free for calling Bebbs fat and bukkaking over our favourite minimod.

    As a general rule, we only post referral codes of established & current contributors to the Fitness community. Once again - kindly refrain from advertising your referral codes across the forum.

    NB: We are not responsible for the content of these websites, nor for any problems you incur dealing with them.

    List of referral discount codes:

    aeonflux - MP83300
    Arturo Bandini - MP188581
    Ayrt - MP81295
    Bebbs - MP72252
    Bloodbath - MP332848
    Brotherhood - MP40658
    burningnun - BSD27
    Cartesian_ - MP87702
    ch0c0h01ic - MP26240
    CJ - MP37590
    cowsforsale - MP164722
    Diomedes - MP138298
    Herr Stamper - BSD40
    MHorman - MP367183
    M1ghtyDuck - MP15271
    marcusmerehay - MP180805
    Rainy - MP88881
    red_alerts - MP111537
    rlw31 - MP184931
    Tabris - MP6208
    10Trix - MP93185

    Prefix reference: MP is, BSD is
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    If you would like your code posted, please post in AAM.

    Rainy is stepping down as a moderator so will, in all likeliness, not respond to your request.
Updated: November 8, 2008
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