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Funding/sponsorship of MA/MBA

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    I'm currently studying at Oxford and definitely want to do an MA, hopefully atin America. However the costs associated with graduate study at these universities are astronomical.

    I'm looking to find out about options for funding an MA. Is it possible to get an internship with, for example, a management consultency firm and a job offer, then have them sponsor me doing a second degree. Is this possible or do people know of alternatives?

    Thanks very much,
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    Your best bit would obviously be looking at funding opportunities attached to the universities themselves; the plan you outline sounds like it could be very time-consuming and finicky. There are a few highly competitive funding schemes that send UK students to do postgrad study ini the US (Fulbright for example), and the wealthier American universities would also have scholarships for foreign students. Ask some of your tutors if they have any advice, and do some online research.


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