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Defer uni for a year even though I've already started?

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    Please keep anon as friends use this and I don't want them to know I have an illness, why do people have to say please keep anon anyway. If I post it as anon keep it ANON DAMNIT.

    I've been at university for over two months now and it's not going well. Due to illness I feel exhausted and don't feel like socializing, societies, lectures. assignments etc. My advisor told me I could leave it until next year. I'd love to this, have some time to sort myself out but..(there's always a but)

    I don't want to go through the whole freshers stage again. Everyone keeps saying that things (in terms of making friends, getting used to the university environment) get better after the first semester, so should just I stick it out and cope with the tiredness (which might get better roundabout january)?

    university is so overrated:rolleyes:

    Is first year just something you have to get through or is it the best year?
    Also, does anyone know when the deadline is for deferring your studies till the following year?
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    I was in a similar position to you. I arrived at university and I hated everything about it. My accommodation was awful, I didn't get on with my flatmates and I really wasn't ready for all the lectures. I basically felt that I rushed into university. Anyways, after staying for 3 weeks I hated it so much I became physically ill, it was then I decided that it was best if I left and had time to reconsider what I wanted. I therefore contacted the university and asked about deferring until next year. They were fine with it and I now have officially differed I honestly don't regret any of it, and it's lovely knowing I have a place secured for next year, meaning I don't feel that I've thrown away an amazing opportunity. As far as im aware, there's no expiration date for choosing to defer. But its so nice to know that im not the only one! Good luck with everything! And like you, I also couldn't stand freshers week either.
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    This post that you're replying to is 3 years old!


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Updated: September 23, 2011
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