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OMG not another Rippetoes blog!

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    Okay session tonight.


    120 x 5

    Okay. Didn't feel much if any knee pain doing these tonight but tomorrow it might be quite bad. I will have to wait and see.

    Bench press:

    80 x 5
    85 x 4
    70 x 10

    Actually lost a bit of strength here.


    bodyweight x 6/6

    Supersetted these with hamstring stretches and mobility. Hamstring stretches are very painful for me and make me feel a bit sick, so maybe that's why I haven't been doing the third set of chins recently.

    Then home.
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    How come you seem quite injury prone recently? Not usual for you
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    Meh session tonight. Back sore and a bit stiff. Knee still not that great.


    62 x 6/6/6/6

    Not too bad.


    170 x 3

    Only got 3. But then again from now on I'm only pulling with a flat back (as far as I can tell anyway).


    bodyweight x 6/6/5

    Actually did all three sets tonight.


    3 x 8

    Building up on these.

    Some stretching and mobility then home.
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    Just a quick upper back session tonight after the physio.


    bodyweight x 9/7/6

    Grip slipping on last two sets.

    Seated cable rows:

    whole stack 3 x 10

    Really focusing on engaging the upper back as opposed to doing an actual "row" with the full body.

    Then home.
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    Okay session this afternoon. Knee has been hurting and so has my mid back too. Possibly due to sitting all day with poor posture, possibly something else.


    120 x 5/5/5

    Not bad at all. Nothing hurting.


    63 x 6/6/6/3

    Okay, apart from the last set.

    Barbell rows:

    90 x 5
    80 x 6/6

    First set a little too heavy, so went down a bit. 80 felt much better.

    Some mobility and stretching, then home.
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    Press progressing nicely still.

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    Okay session tonight. Knee still hurts around the day or two after squatting, so maybe something doesn't like the loading and is becoming inflamed. Sort of like feel something in the inside of my thigh, too. Maybe it's originating from the hip. Had a sports massage on quads and hamstrings and didn't seem to be anything wrong there.


    122.5 x 5/5/5

    Easier than last time to be honest.


    80 x 5
    87.5 x 3
    70 x 10

    Nothing difficult here either.


    150 x 5

    Working on keeping tight and flat back (especially upper where I have problems). Was probably the hardest tonight.

    Some mobility then home.
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    Nothing to complain about tonight. I'll how to see how my knee feels tomorrow, though.


    125 x 5/5/5

    Fairly straightforward.


    65 x 5/5/5

    Maybe a little bit difficult.


    155 x 5

    Quite a bit easier than last time. Possibly because I narrowed my stance a little and used hook grip on all reps of my workset.

    Wider grip pull ups:

    bodyweight x 5/4/4

    Need to work on these.

    Some mobility then home.
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    Okay session tonight, despite back feeling quite funny. The scapula area seems to be quite bad.


    127.5 x 5/5/5

    A bit harder. Bar positioning wasn't feeling great; perhaps due to scapula issues, I don't know.

    Bench press:

    80 x 5
    90 x 3
    72.5 x 10

    Last rep of 90 was a bit slow but otherwise nothing too hard.

    Barbell rows:

    85 x 5/5/5

    Not too bad at all.

    A bit of mobility then home.


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