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Under 18 In Ibiza

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    im plannin on going to ibiza this summer however im 17
    all my friends are 18. i really need to know if you get asked to show your id in the club. anybody who has been can you please reply back on the id situation.
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    went to mallorca last summer, only the really large clubs in the center of town (as opposed to all the places by the beach etc.) asked for id to get in, though i do hear ibiza is a tad more expensive/with older people than mallorca

    best of luck though

    btw hablas español?¿?¿
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    I'm pretty sure they don't.
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    Doubt it, with the amount of people that go to the clubs, its unlikely they ID everyone!
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    Not quite Ibiza, but in Ayia Napa the drinking age is 18, and we weren't ID'd once.
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    ye i have spoken spanish in school and am quite fluent
    anyone actually been to ibiza and not been id?
    i appreciate every1s comments.
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    I went to Ibiza when I was 18, and my friend at the time was 17. He didn't get asked for ID anywhere. Also my little sister is 17 and went to Ibiza in July with all her mates who are mostly 17 and they didn't get ID'd either.
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    loads of mates went ibiza/magaluf in summer at 16/17 and never got IDed. two girls were 17 in magaluf and had letters signed by their parents or something? i don't even knoww
    never ever IDed me & my friend for alcohol in spain in summer either when we were 17
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    No you'll be fine! They're pretty lax over there with the whole ID situation, it's unlikely they'll turn you away!
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    Not from what I've heard. My friend went last year and her 15 year old sister got in all the clubs fine.
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    I've been twice, aged 14 and 16, and I've been offered alcohol both times. I knew a couple of guys who went out to a pub and a bar one evening, they were both 16 at the time, and there was no problem.
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    I've been twice before, and have never been ID'd.. i'm 17 - and i went when i was 15 & 16. Basically they hardly ever ID out there.
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    I think the legal drinking age there is 16
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    (Original post by superman19)
    Not quite Ibiza, but in Ayia Napa the drinking age is 18, and we weren't ID'd once.
    Pretty sure that the drinking age in cyprus is 12. As is the purchase age.

    In Spain its 18 for both. But i doubt you'd have much trouble.


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