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NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme

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    how exciting good luck all!
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    They're reallly keeping us waiting aren't they?!!
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    right, that's it...i can't take it anymore...i'm going to jump!...don't stop me! haha
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    (Original post by thommykins)
    right, that's it...i can't take it anymore...i'm going to jump!...don't stop me! haha
    Haha, don't do it!!
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    I have a sneaky feeling we are not going to find out today either! Its nearly 3pm already!
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    Hmm, the guy on the phone said we would. I feel like calling again to check, but probably won't, I doubt he'll say anything different. If anyone else calls, let us know what they say please
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    I would call if I had any minutes left on my phone hard times! lol I NEED this job, haha
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    early indications show organisation = pants - ahhh, the NHS
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    *sigh* this isn't good...
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    Well i just called again (i know, impatient!!) and they said everybody will receive an email later today. I don't know if I believe them or not, but I really want to know either way now.
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    ahhh same here! I cannot stop checking my stupid e-mails and I have work to do grrr..its just distracting me. later today? its already 4pm!
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    Yep, later today! They must be working pretty late, but they said we'll definetely hear. Heading out now till about 7, so that will distract me from checking!!
  13. Offline

    I hope they email us soon...I've literally checked my emails about 100 in the last 2 hours!! I'm not too hopeful though seeing as I've already failed about 6 graduate schemes!! Good luck everyone!
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    This is turning out to be a joke.

    First they say we'll get the results on the 8th then 11th or 12th. Today is the 12th and the time is 16:34 and still no word.

    Good luck to everyone though. I'm going out now so hopefully when I come back home later this evening, I'll have an unsuccessful e-mail from the NHS.
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    (Original post by temptationsu)
    Good luck to everyone though. I'm going out now so hopefully when I come back home later this evening, I'll have an unsuccessful e-mail from the NHS.
    Ditto :o:
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    I'm waiting too, driving me mad!
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    17:04 and still no word...useless
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    I've got a funny feeling it's not going to be today after all. I'm going on my Christmas do in a bit, and would like to either celebrate or drown my sorrows...looks like I'll have to make do with a hopeful Christmas drink! Good luck to all, will continue checking my emails til 6:20 when I go out, so you can probably all expect emails at 6:30ish!
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    Yes, it is ridiculous. I thought they'd said the 8th at first but then presumed I'd made a mistake. It's probably best i'm unsuccessful as it's seeming to be very disorganised.
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    I got offered an interview... but there are no slots in Northern Ireland!


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Updated: November 1, 2014
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