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Whats the most trouble you have got into at school?

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  • View Poll Results: Whats the worst trouble you have got into at school?
    Never! I'm an angel! I have a halo!
    Firm word from teacher
    Teacher acting very p*ssed off with you
    1 minute detention
    5 minute detention
    Sent out
    Go and see HOS
    Go and see HOY
    Go and see head
    10 minute detention
    more than 10 minutes
    After school detention

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    Whats the most trouble you have got into at school? Thought this would make a funny thread.:p:
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    Has anyone on TSR got into trouble?:confused:
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    I got an after school once for being late twice a week.
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    Sent to HOY.
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    Got caught with plagiarism and had 3 days detention
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    Firm word from the teacher, and loads of warnings of detentions, but I always got out of them :awesome:

    I got put on a report in sixth form, but that was my art teachers fault, considering I got him to sign my change of subject form, then when I didn't go to his lessons he reported me to head of sixth. He was a smack head.
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    Supposedly we were bullying someone (bs) and I was supposed to get 5 afterschool detentions for it and a report card but I weaseled my way out

    altho I did get lunchtime detentions
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    Detentions, send to Head, asked to leave in sixth form.

    That's it really, didn't get told off much.
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    I *ahem* had a huge fight with this girl in my class (she was 2 years older than me) after I couldn't endure more bullying from her. She totally deserved it.
    We had to see the head of school and year BUT NO PUNISHMENT :P

    Edit: This was in year 7
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    Isolation for wearing a coat :rolleyes: Detentions for incorrect uniform or doodling or in one case pointing:shifty: and quite a few for absence

    All a bit pathetic really, i always behaved in class and did my work/homework.

    Oh and in year 11 i had an issue with this prefect who had punched my cousin, as i was already bitter about not being a prefect i made it my mission to get this kid kicked off the prefect team. in the end my head of year got really really angry. he made a meeting with my parents in which i refused to comment on anything because i was disgusted that i was being punished for this when the prefect got off scot free. To end the meeting i said as the prefect wasnt punished i would take matters into my own hands which didnt go down well at all. I was given a level 3 detention for that. i wouldnt have done anything anyway, im a wuss

    At college i was on like report for 2 weeks for unexplainable abscence. then after 2 weeks of full attendance my tutor said i could come off report and the first thing i said was " thank goodness for that, i need a day off" It was a STUPID thing to say but i said my thoughts aloud. i was put back on report for a further 3 weeks.

    Oh and was also in isolation once for the most pathetic thing ever, i was crying because of something, cant remember what, then there was a massive confusion and my tutor got told i had thrown something at a seagull (WTF?!?!) and then i was in isolation the whole day. then at the end of the day she said it was a disgrace etc and i was like huh, i didnt do anything and was crying because i was bullied. That was a strange day
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    I was once put in isolation for a day.
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    In primary school I pushed some guy over while playing football and he fell into a big puddle of mud. His parents had to be called some he could home and get changed and I got ********* by my headmaster.
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    I became the head's most disliked pupil in the year, and had them always trying to get me in big trouble. But they didn't succeed.

    They didn't like me because I objected to the use of prefects as free labour, using them for locking the school, posting things, cleaning the halls, etc. I also objected to the prizewinners being used for publicity to make the school look good. And I also got in major arguments with the head after she attempted to insult people in my year who were wearing the correct atire for school, but not the uniform. Good times.

    The only time I've ever done anything bad and been punished for it was when I broke a guys ankle in assembly after he kept kicking me. That only needed seeing a teacher though.
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    lol whats the point in a 5 min detention :dontknow:

    ETA: or a one minute detention?!?!
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    got expelled, but to be honest i've been in pretty much consistent trouble throughout my academic career, i'm not stupid just intolerable to some teachers, loud, chatty, over-excitable, and i liked to think - more intelligent than the ones doing the telling off haha
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    suspended - bunsun burner, metal tongs incident.
    suspended - fighting
    suspended - verbally abusive to a teacher (repetative problem)
    suspended - damaging a fire door
    suspended - isolation - board of guvners - caught on trip to disneyland paris trip, with bag of weed.
    anger management classes, numerous isolation and detentions for getting sent home, not turning up, getting caught smoking, slack attempt of a uniform general back chat etc etc
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    I was suspended twice.............that was in yr 7/8 though lol..
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    Three suspensions (total of 19 days). They won't get rid of me because they like me too much. Idiots.
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    I got two letters sent home because I was constantly late, I managed to intercept them before my mum got her mitts on them (she would have physically exploded if she'd read them).

    then my bastard head of year brought them up at a parent's evening, sort of in passing, and my mum sort of vaguely picked up on it, and threatened to ring up school to find out what they were about - she didn't in the end, though.
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    Sent to deputy head :/ It was in about Y8 though, and I learnt my lesson.


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