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Whats the most trouble you have got into at school?

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    Never! I'm an angel! I have a halo!
    Firm word from teacher
    Teacher acting very p*ssed off with you
    1 minute detention
    5 minute detention
    Sent out
    Go and see HOS
    Go and see HOY
    Go and see head
    10 minute detention
    more than 10 minutes
    After school detention


    Isolation for a day, because we had a writing test in the last year of primary school and were to write to a made up penpal in Australia with our opinions about the school.

    So I criticised my teacher and called on the head to be sacked.

    Earlier .. I told my teacher..

    "Piss off I don't give a ****"

    I got really angry, and feel really bad but everything's getting to me recently

    Isolation for finishing a fight someone else started. :erm:

    I did get away with throwing an apple at a teachers head though - It was from about 50m away too - perfect curve then *donk*, everyone collapsed laughing then put on a poker face when he came to ask us if we saw anyone throw anything. :awesome:

    I was a bit of a dick when I was young. :blushing:

    Kicked out burning a science table.

    I don't think I was ever out of detention for less than two days a week for most of Y10/11....in the end they put me on report, and at the end of every lesson I'd have to trot up to the teacher and she'd comment on how disruptive/incommunicative I'd been during it, and at the end of the day I had to go and see my form tutor and have her sigh and threaten to ring me parents. I got pulled out of lessons to redo rubbish coursework, mostly English, stuff like that.
    Had some after schools...not fun. The thing is, if you got three "marks" in your planner (late, bad uniform, homework, disruptiveness were usually mine), you automatically got a detention, and then if you had three or so detentions in a week you got an after school. But Y11 got laptops, so it wasn't that bad....walking home with the chavs, not so great.
    I really wasn't a rebel! But they seemed to come down much harder on me, because I wasn't likely to chuck chairs at them if they asked for my planner.

    In Y6 a boy lied about me to the headmistress and she made me stand outside her office for an hour because he'd said I'd been racist :mad: however, I was missing football practise ("here in this school, we Kick Racism Out of Football, chinaberry!") so it felt quite a reward....but I was so furious at this silly accusation that I shouted at her, and burst into tears at home....

    While the whole class was talking/laughing while the teacher was teaching, she decided to keep the whole class in for detention. When CLEARLY...some of us was concentrating on her lesson.

    All i could do was a face palm at the time...

    Kk many isolations and some detentions, i got suspended for ten days in yr 10 for accidentally hitting a teacher when i tried to hit a girl that tried to fight me etc...yh im 19 now and since then i havent got into any physical fights lol

    Suspended. I'm such a badman.

    Oh God, I never got into proper trouble at school Mainly because I was clever, so I got cut an awful lot of slack where I shouldn't have been. (Plus I was too busy being bullied to have any friends to cause trouble with, pathetic as this sounds )

    I've had teachers have a go at me. On a couple of occasions. That's literally it. I've honestly never had a detention or anything It wasn't even that I was some sort of massive saint - just that teachers ignored anything I did because I was clever, really.

    After school detention, can't remember what for it was with the Chem teacher..dunno if it was specifically because of something I'd done in that lesson or he was just covering detention. All I remember is he disappeared after about a minute, said he'd be back..didn't come back so we left after a while.

    In primary school I also had to write some letter of apology to this girl because I pushed her into a brick wall, but then she was bullying another girl. I was just scaring her so she'd lay off this other girl, to be fair it did work I never witnessed her pushing the other girl around at break times any more.

    Only other thing I can think I've done which would have gotten me in trouble if the teacher saw was when I threw a pen at a guys head and the nib impaled his forehead..hung there for a few seconds..then the pen fell out. Felt kind of bad because he wasn't my prime target but he wasn't totally innocent. They were mates and everything, just one kept whispering "oi Joe.." and when I'd go "what?" he'd look confused and go "what? I didnt say your name..". Guy kept doing it throughout the lesson then the guy sitting next to him does it for the first time as well, so then I just grabbed a pen and threw it at them, would have rather it impaled the other guys head tbh.

    some lads this year were suspended for putting Viagra into another lads drink. very funny.

    i got sent to anger management for calling my french teacher a dragon

    (Original post by resentment.)
    some lads this year were suspended for putting Viagra into another lads drink. very funny.

    Oh this is hitlerious...
    In primary school, we had had writing books (didn't do any good, handwriting is still rubbish...), and had to construct a sentence using a set word. Anyway, being little rapscallions, my best mate and I decided to write the 'worst' sentences possible, e.g. involving death, being bitten by a badger (bearing in mind we were like, 9 at the time?). Anywho, long story short, it got a bit out of hand (the mate wrote something involving someone 'making a funny noise whilst being electrocute for rape'.... yeah ) an we both got dragged to the headteacher and had the dreaded phone call home :eek:

    High school I was pretty lame, worst I had was the RS teacher telling me she was putting me on report (she was young, hilariously short with an equally short temper, and imo, it was a pointless subject...). Think she forgot about it though

    (Original post by Origami Bullets)
    Sent to deputy head :/ It was in about Y8 though, and I learnt my lesson.
    Is that the sealandic flag on your avatar thing?

    (Original post by Moleman1996)
    Is that the sealandic flag on your avatar thing?

    This is a really old thread though I swear!

    (Original post by Origami Bullets)

    This is a really old thread though I swear!
    I'm intending to purchase a lordship at some point

    And it probs is lol, it came up on the recent posts thingy and i noticed your flag on the first page

    My form tutor used to have a thing against girls, and those who didn't do extra-curricular things. She gave a ten minute detention in year seven for something stupid - I think it was not having my shirt tucked in. She also shouted at me for forgetting my blazer once. She left a year later.
    In years 7-9, I was told off about four times from various teachers for laughing or talking during lesson. I once smiled at my friend during a lesson in year 8, and the teacher kept us both back and accused us of making fun of her. So, I only really got into trouble for really stupid things.
    I never got in trouble in year 10 or 11. I have friends who have never been in trouble which baffles me.

    I've had a firm talking to by teachers and been sent out of the class once or twice for distracting other students (I'd finished my work ages ago and was talking to them ), but never even had a detention, which is amazing really considering some of the things I did in secondary school... walking out of class, shouting at teachers, smoking weed on the school playing fields, not wearing correct uniform. I think I just got lucky... my skills with the puppy dog eyes worked wonders

    In college, I've just been told to be quiet by my Drama teacher because I'm a bit of a chatterbox

    After school detention for telling a "teacher" who didn't actually teach anything who thought she owned the place to **** off in yr 11. Nobody liked her.


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