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Whats the most trouble you have got into at school?

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    Never! I'm an angel! I have a halo!
    Firm word from teacher
    Teacher acting very p*ssed off with you
    1 minute detention
    5 minute detention
    Sent out
    Go and see HOS
    Go and see HOY
    Go and see head
    10 minute detention
    more than 10 minutes
    After school detention

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    i got sent out of class for pushing someone.
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    Almost suspended for behaving inappropriately on a science trip. Even caught on CCTV in the process.
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    (Original post by ABCI23)
    Almost suspended for behaving inappropriately on a science trip. Even caught on CCTV in the process.
    what exactly did you do?
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    isolated and a couple after school detentions but they were all for stupid reasons :L
    Isolated because someone threw a pen at me and the teacher thought I threw it :L
    1 hour detention for going out of bounds ...AFTER SCHOOL!!! :L
    but my other detention was my fault I forgot a piece of homework 3 times in a row other than that I was an angel.
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    (Original post by JordanS94)
    isolated and a couple after school detentions but they were all for stupid reasons :L
    Isolated because someone threw a pen at me and the teacher thought I threw it :L
    1 hour detention for going out of bounds ...AFTER SCHOOL!!! :L
    but my other detention was my fault I forgot a piece of homework 3 times in a row other than that I was an angel.
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    Discovered how to control any computer in the school, as in, turn it off, log someone off, literally control their mouse and keyboard etc from a computer in my media classroom.

    Obviously with this amount of power, the first thing you do is abuse it straight away. You go round to people you don't know, and just furiously start typing "boobies" into google etcetc, without them able to respond. It was great fun.

    Until I was caught:no::no::no::no::no:
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    I got after school detention for refusing to cut off my dreadlocks...
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    Put on an early morning report for a month because my attendance was 58% :erm:
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    expelled from one school for making a prank phone call and suspended from the next one for baggying someone :facepalm:
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    Isolation for tying a knot in my tie and whipping people with it, many of us did it but I was one of only two actually sent to isolation.
  11. Offline

    Lines, despite the following:

    1. Deliberately flushing a blocked toilet when the water (and its contents) were an inch from the rim
    2. Being drawn into at least 4 fights a week. EVERY week.
    3. Throwing a chair at one of my enemies
    4. Throwing a table at one of my enemies
    5. Whacking an enemy with his own crutches (he attacked me first!)
    6. Calling a head of year a ****er (he was)
    7. Throwing an enemy across a dinner table during a lunchtime war
    8. Soaking tissues and throwing them on the ceiling. Till I ran out of tissue or covered the ceiling
    9. Getting into a 4 on 1 fight and winning (I was the 1)
    10. Fighting in the school chapel (I got ambushed while leaving on my own!)
    11. Telling a nasty moustached teacher who called me "**** for brains" to "shut the **** up Hitler"

    Not gonna lie, I was unpopular and thus a target for bullies throughout school, hence all the fighting mentioned above. I don't approve of violence but I went to hellhole in south east London. It was always going to be brutal :sigh:
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    Our tutor in yr 11 was a complete d**k so one morning we put clingfilm across the door and he walked straight into it. For this he gave me and several others an afterschool detention and phoned our parents.
  13. Offline

    I got a 20 minute detention for being late once.
  14. Offline

    Used to get into trouble constantly.. Got letters sent home for being late all through my time in school. In grade 5 I got sent home from a one week school trip after getting lost in the mountains on an excursion (which was totally the teachers fault, who forced me to walk ahead of the column so I wouldn't slow them down, then changed directions and nobody told me. They should be thankful I managed to find my way back after wandering through forests and things for 5-6 hours in the dark). Got to see HOY for bringing a knife onto school property in grade 6, in grade 7 see HOY for spraying pepper spray in male toilets (while others were using them), grade 8 HOS for bringing a knife with me again, later grade 8 also for bringing a soft air gun with me. grade 9 suspended for one week and after formal disciplinary hearing with the "Board of Important People" got probabtionary readmission to the school (i.e. do anything and you're out) for ganging up on and abducting another student (he constantly teased us and we thought it would be good payback at the time, silly kids we were). Also later in grade 9 i got donned for graffiti on school property, had to come in after school and clean it all off and was assigned general cleaning duty for a couple of hours here and there for smoking on school property a couple of times - never got expelled in the end though. They still have the two knifes, one pepper spray and soft air gun I believe. Ta, never got into trouble (except for coming late) after changing school then though. That all happened in Germany by the way, I don't know how far they would have let it go in the UK, think what you may ;-)

    (Original post by cl_steele)
    expelled from one school for making a prank phone call
    Oh that reminds me, in grade 7 around 10 of us managed to trick the public phone in the school to let us call antipodean people for free. A few weeks later there was a big meeting with all our parents where the school threatened us with a lawsuit and expelling all of us for hacking if we didn't pay compensation to the school. Which of course our not-so-cool parents agreed to... *cough*
  15. Offline

    I got put on report but because I always lost it or never filled it in properly so was constantly on it. By the end of the year I finished it and my form tutor framed it on his wall.
  16. Offline

    I got a B in a test, and since that "wasn't good enough" I had to retake it in a lunchtime detention.
  17. Offline

    Isolation: Because my English teacher was showing us Twelth Night on video for about the 14th time, and she came in looking particularly stressed and said "We're watching a video today" I replied "What is it?" She screamed "WHAT DO YOU THINK?!" I said "Terminator?" Got sent to isolation.

    After school detention because some douche bag set fire to a piece of paper next to me, and someone stood by the door said it was me. One persons opinion over the 6 people around me saying I had nothing to do with it...We both got it.
  18. Offline

    I got a detention during my last month of Year 11. It was my first ever detention, none in Primary school and until then, none in Secondary. Didn't care as much as I thought, prior to Year 7 a detention scared the **** out of me.

    Also got "warnings" for like talking. Also got put on isolation for wearing black vans which were supposedly inappropriate. Was incredibly dull!
  19. Offline

    Internal suspension (I guess that would be isolation?) for not wearing the appropriate uniform, and i couldn't go home to change because I lived too far away. I was wearing the right colours, just not the uniform, lol.

    Black jumper - I wore a black hoodie.
    White shirt - Didn't have a clean shirt so I wore a white sleeveless hoodie. (I know I was wearing two hoodies, but I'm not a chav >.>)
    Black trousers - Black Jeans

    Basically gave me a free day though, since while I 'should' have been getting my work from my teacher at the start of each class I instead sat in a room with the head of something (can't remember, she was a whale of a woman though) and doodled for the whole day. Good times
  20. Offline

    I love how all the posts in this thread are either extremely lame (as in the bad thing/punishment isn't really worth punishing at all) or quite bad


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Updated: October 28, 2013
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