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Whats the most trouble you have got into at school?

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    I got put into isolation for wearing black doc martens to school in snow. Never figured out the logic in that one, considering I couldn't get out of my street without them.

    Suspended for 3 weeks for 'possession of explosives'.....which were basically little French bangers we'd bought back from Belgium, it sounded so much more badass than it was. 3 weeks off school was pretty brutal tbh. Also got banned from the computers in Y11 for writing a script in the VB editor in Excel that sent a message to every computer in the school, the IT teacher who was useless with computers thought I'd hacked the whole system and I was a threat to security haha. Also told a few teachers who probably didn't deserve it (and a few who did, mind) to '**** off'. I was a bit of a dick back then looking back on it.

    (Original post by ThaChronic)
    What a **** school.
    Lol, I couldn't agree more. :')

    in primary school , my mate said this girl had quite a bad family and i got done for making the comment , luckily another boy who heard that it was my mate that made the comment and pointed it out afterwards.

    I took down part of the school network, still yet to receive my punishment. Thank god for the Easter hols!

    (Original post by betacorp)
    I took down part of the school network, still yet to receive my punishment. Thank god for the Easter hols!
    lol how?!

    Suspended for majorly swearing and standing up to a teacher in secondary school (Year 9) because he grabbed my arm quite vigorously. The reason for him doing that was not justified and basically was due to me being a class clown and 'inciting' class rebellion, however it wasn't just me and he was/still is a prick, lucky for me he quit a year after I left lol I did/i do get on with pretty much all my other teachers though and help them out etc, he was the one exception.

    (Original post by betacorp)
    I took down part of the school network, still yet to receive my punishment. Thank god for the Easter hols!
    how? come on tell us your secrets lol.

    i got sent out of a class for shutting the door on a teacher by accident.

    I had this stupid french teacher (this is by no means the worst I have had, but one of the most annoying), who made me write an essay during lunch about how and why I shouldn't chew gum during lessons, and then he made me stand up in front of everybody and read it in the computer room, then he made me rip it up afterwards- what a dick

    Suspended for skipping school. However, I once turned up at school steaming drunk and there were absolutely no repercussions. Where is the logic?

    i missed a day of school because i felt tired after going to a wrestling event.

    Year 9 - got isolation for ditching class with my friend. We were caught by the principal, our " horridly mean" vice principal and the most "evil" teacher in school ( he was like the typical super villain laugh , seizures everything...)... after that were sent to the office were the board of directors of the school (private school) were having a meeting and we were getting shouted at.

    Worst of all was that i was such a baby! I "bursted out" crying and laughing at the same time. We didnt think we would get caught, i could not believe it! I was a good girl. I was crying the whole time during isolation! I regret it .. totally not worth it.. so embarrassing to remember too.

    it was a WWE event for the record.

    (Original post by k9ruby)
    Has anyone on TSR got into trouble?:confused:
    plenty of times

    At our school we are not allowed to listen to Ipods in form. I got mine out to see the time and got if taken away. I had never been told off before and when I went to collect it from the head of year at the end of the day I started to cry a little.

    This was in year 9 but looking back I wanted to slap myself and get a grip.

    Lost count of how many apology letters we've written to our teachers (yes, the whole class!). It was always for stuff like being too noisy, or when more than 50% of the class forgot to bring a certain book or something. Funny thing is, my letters were the longest, and I always had the book!

    For some reason, I've remembered a few more...

    Back in my first primary school, there was a set of twins in my year. Horrible girls, vile - they used to bully everyone else, but were very good at persuading most of the teachers and break-time playground monitors that they had done nothing wrong and their victim was the bully. One day, they were bragging about their new coats with some sort of in-built belt (?) ... so my friend and I decided to catch one of them and tied her to the fence with this in-built belt. We then left and went back inside, whilst she was tied to the fence in rain with the playground monitor lady struggling for twenty minutes to untie her. Both came into the classroom dripping wet, but fortunately for my friend and I our teacher was one of the few who didn't believe their innocent act, so she laughed about it. :lol: That playground monitor never did like us again though.

    My second primary school was a strange place; they had bizarre rules like no sneezing in assembly otherwise you get sent out (like that's a punishment :rolleyes:), which is really unfortunate when you have allergies to everything, including the polish they used on the assembly hall floor. I don't remember actually seeing a full assembly... They also had an extremely strange approach to bullying. They claimed to have none in the school; they did, they just covered it up. As a consequence, they punished self-defence more because that someone had to defend themselves was evidence of a bullying problem (WTF?) So, in starting in late year three, someone bullied me. One day in about year five, she cornered me somewhere and tried to physically bully me. Well, there's only so much you take, and on this occasion, I pushed her. Not particularly hard, but she somehow was injured (I think she might have fallen down some stairs?), but not badly - her head wasn't smashed open or anything, it was more like a grazed knee or small cut on her arm. School went ****ing mental about that, I'm surprised I was allowed to stay there. However, the time that someone tripped me over and caused cuts that required someone to pull gravel out with a pair of tweezers - that was just an accident. :rolleyes:

    Secondary school was also very weird place, but not as strange as primary school, if only because no one noticed you as much. I've already discussed the allergy-inducing sweatshirt and the problems of having slightly strange coloured natural hair. They had the idea of litter duty - each class in rotation spent break time picking up the litter around the school. Well, I never dropped litter so I flat out refused to do it; that involved a long drawn out meeting with the HOY and my parents involved, but that backfired on them because my parents basically said, "Well, why should she do it when she doesn't drop litter?" :lol: For a while after that, the school in general took a dislike to me - they never did like people whose parents caused trouble, and boy did mine.

    I was (and am) useless at swimming, in that I can't ... so when we had swimming in PE, I was just about able to get into the water (nearly drowning as a five year old FTW :rolleyes:), but couldn't do anything. One day in year eight, the PE teacher said to me, "Oh, why don't you just not bother coming!?" I have a tendency to take things literally, and at the time I thought she meant it, so instead of going to PE the next week, I went and did my homework in the library. More meetings with the HOY, head of PE and my parents, again at which they defended me and said, "What was she supposed to think? You told her not to go, she didn't go! It's not like she went and sat over the park, she was doing homework!" That ended with the teacher admitting that maybe she shouldn't have been sarcastic towards a student (:lol:) and, sadly, swimming lessons resuming.

    Then we got a different HOY - the previous deputy HOY, so the deputy HOY changed as well. They realised I wasn't some evil kid trying to cause problems for them, and things went a lot smoother. :dontknow:

    I've only ever had firm words for doodling all over my notes when I get bored. :angelblush:

    My friend and I borrowed a girl's cellphone and sexted a guy in my class. She ratted on us, and the principal exploded


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