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Whats the most trouble you have got into at school?

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  • View Poll Results: Whats the worst trouble you have got into at school?
    Never! I'm an angel! I have a halo!
    Firm word from teacher
    Teacher acting very p*ssed off with you
    1 minute detention
    5 minute detention
    Sent out
    Go and see HOS
    Go and see HOY
    Go and see head
    10 minute detention
    more than 10 minutes
    After school detention


    (Original post by k9ruby)

    - Class detentions
    - One 1minute detention because my phone went off during a class history test (I was in Y8) and I didn't realise it was me- Sent out because I accidently spilled glue over a teachers register, who thought I had done it on purpose (The whole class had been acting up)


    - Firm word from teacher because I forgot to line up the laser cutter images into the corner so wouldn't waste plastic, rendering the rest useless.
    I got an hour's after school detention for that :eek:

    sent to headteacher, she called the police..
    had to write an apology letter

    Suspended for 10 days. Was in trouble a lot for the first 3 or 4 years of high school but i have changed, go me! Got suspended for telling my teacher he could "take his detention and stick it up his ******* fat arse." It did not go down well.

    I got suspended for hitting some girl in the face with my massive belt buckle on dress down day! OOoooooooops

    Well she was really annoying!

    Isolation for 3 days for getting into fights, anger management classes, sent to head of year, detentions ect. I have a nasty habit of swearing at/ in front of teachers.

    Dragged out in the middle of a lesson by HOY and DH. Detentions, verbal ***********. Moved seats etc, sent out.
    They were mostly for just being lazy.

    (Original post by Rubix)
    Saturday detention for accidentally including a swastika in my art homework.
    Do they really take it that seriously? I better rip a few pages out of my books...

    (Original post by Tootles)
    I was suspended for 4 days for carrying a pen-knife and a cigarette lighter (the knife was the serious thing, but it only had a 1-inch blade, which I used to use for unjamming the sewing machine when I was doing 'textiles.'
    lol I kept a pen knife in my bag in year 8 - didn't get caught but it was like year 9 before I thought "hang on, this has got to be a criminal offence" lol

    some girl had loads of rude graffiti on her locker and some kid that didn't like me said it was me! if the school had bothered to check it out i was ill on the 2 days when it could have been done!
    anyway i had a form that i had to get teachers to sign for a month saying i had been good in lessons, had to report to HOY every other day etc etc - all for something i didn't do!

    worst thing i have done - letter home for skipping a day of school!

    fighing in the middle of an RE class back in y9 those were the days, got me suspended lol

    I was mostly the pathetically shy boring 'good-girl' kid But once in primary I got called into the principal because I was overheard telling my brother I wouldn't show a note to our parents (about him, I was trusted lol) And in 2nd-ary.. mostly penalty sheets for forgetting my PE gear. Which I did on purpose as I was a lazy ***** and hated PE lol :o: That's about it...

    Isolation; for sneezing too loudly. :wtf?:

    I've never got into any trouble before...the worst was something like "Sadie and [friend's name] I told you to make notes, not write notes to each other in your books!" but that was in a jokey way because the teacher thought it was funny.
    People at my school get in trouble a lot though, even though it's supposedly one of the top grammar schools in the country.
    *Girl in my year in year 8 brought in Vodka and got drunk at about 10am
    *Boy in my year in year 10 threw a firework out of the window and it hit a dinnerlady

    *Boy in year 11 stalked a teacher and sent emails to her husband saying "I'm in your wife [big long gap] 's history class" and things like that
    *Girl in year 11 called her form tutor a fat *****
    *Girl in my year and the year above had a proper violent catfight a few years ago

    Suspended. It was lame really.

    Watching the Paris Hilton sex tape in IT. Got a detention and a warning from the Headmaster, and I had to write an account of what happened - justifying my actions. I lied, of course.

    Oh and was sent out of the classroom every period of chemistry for two years. There were another couple of people who were sent out too so it was a laugh. Going to the library to go on the internet or going up to the shops was the normal thing to do during these periods.

    Detention for not doing homework (I forgot)
    Detention for forgetting homework (I honestly did it, but lost it)
    Detention for not bringing PE kit (I was excused from doing PE) and also got shouted out by the head of PE in front of everyone.

    What's HOS?

    I am an angel normally except for one occasion in year 8..

    I was in science doing a praticles ith a mate, decided that I didn't like my teacher and wanted to see what would happen if I put the flame in the other end ofthe bunsen burner. Caused a big fireball, which set th fire alarn of due to the amount of smoke so the whole school had to be evacuated including 250 year 11's in the middle of their english lit gcse exam, which had to be completely restarted etc etc

    The good thing was the teacher didn't see me sticking the flame in the wrong hole and therefore I did my sweet, innocent act and said it was an accident so got away with it? In fact everyone was really sympathetic to me for ages due to the 'shock' of the incidence... However the year 11's didn't like me as it was apparntlya really easy exam at the time

    Once i was feeling very ill. there was this teacher i really hated. So i walked into the classroom (without knocking) and told her how much of a ***** she was n why i hated her lessons so much. I also went on to say she cant teach and list the reasons why no one lerns anythign in her lessons. I have to say, she treated me liek **** all the tym, and at that moment it seemed like the ryt thing to do:P:P

    But obviously i was wrong and teachers are alwyas right arent they. internal exclusion for a week. staring at a blank green wall for 8 hours a day, no where near my m8s, all kills i suppose. its all pretty ****. lol

    oh i forgot to mention, we hav these electronic canteen system, where money is taken off lunch cards and sometyms they charge us too much, and wen we point this out they tell us they cant do anything about it. on one accoasion, i implied they were a theif lol. this really angry massive fat lunch lady herd it and shouted, who the **** sed that. so i replied "shut ti fat *****".... worst week of my life after that.

    (Original post by Norfolkadam)
    I got sent to the Head of Year after a girl called the police because I stole a mini-cheddar from her.
    It ended with her in hysterics and having to apologise to the police.

    God she was a great HOY.
    I just giggled about that for 5 minutes...my sister came in my room just now to see what the fuss was about :p:


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